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PDF continues to be the standard for more than two decades and remains secure and unaffected. Documents appear exactly the same regardless of what gadget you are looking at them on and their quality does not depend upon the internet browser you’re using.
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PDF files work together with fillable fields. The document’s publisher can place blank boxes anywhere around the page and ask for info from a receiver like written text and time, and electronic signature. This sort of document also allows protection rules and access permissions.
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How to execute page numbering in PDF the fastest way:

Launch the website on any device to operate remotely.
Import any document and open it in the editor.
Use the editing tools in the upper toolbar.
Apply checkmarks, add text boxes and images.
Go to the sidebar and click Add Watermarks.
Choose Page Numbering and set up details.
Specify the format, size, and positioning of numbers.
Tap Done to proceed with printing and downloading.

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The following comparison chart is rather easy to use and efficient when choosing the right solution to number pages in PDF. Find the complete feature comparison in a single table.
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What Our Customers Say

Financial Manager
Best pdf editor I've used so far. I work with hundreds of PDFs every day. I often run into the situation where docs don't have page numbers and this web app fixes that. It works great on my old tablet and makes my life much easier.
Audit Clerk
A great editor! I numbered my PDF's pages in minutes. And after that, I was able to save the new document right to my computer. It sure did make my day nicer.
Insurance Agent
It's a good alternative to the other options out there. It's super-fast, easy-to-use, and exactly what I was looking for. Job well done!

Insert page numbering to a PDF is now easy than ever

Add page numbers to your PDF to organize its structure fast and from any device.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to insert page numbering using your browser

When your document consists of 1 or 2 sheets only, it's not necessary to number them. For large forms, it's really important. Adding page number to PDF makes it more organized, easy to navigate, and read. Being protected from editing, this file type requires using additional tools for any changes applied. There are different programs that help managing PDFs. Desktop applications may be slow in use and take up much space, which is a good reason for choosing web services instead.
Learn how to add sheet numbers to your form online:
Open any preferable browser and search for our service.
Upload a document: select it from a device or the cloud.
Click Add Watermark on the right-hand panel and tick Page Numbering. Now you can choose its format and position.
Click Close and Done to complete.
Download the sample to your device or export it to the cloud with the Save as button on the right-hand panel.
Your document is now well-organized and you can easily navigate through its content. With our service, it takes only several clicks to insert page numbering to a PDF. In addition, you may also apply many other essential changes to your sample using the main editor which you can find just after the file being uploaded. You can easily rearrange page order or split the sample into several docs, highlight its most important part, blackout the sensitive data, or add an e-signature. Try out our all-in-one web tool to feel its benefits!

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How to insert page numbering in MS Windows

Working with PDFs in MS Windows is a bit complicated because of the lack of built-in software for processing them. You can view forms in the Microsoft Edge browser. However, when it comes to applying any sort of changes to a PDF, there's nothing to do but using a third-party solution. You may choose to install a desktop application to work offline or prefer a web tool that is faster and requires no space on your device. We recommend a quick, easy, and safe way to insert page numbering online.
Just make the simple steps:
Open in any browser.
Drag and drop a sample to the highlighted area to upload it for processing.
Find an editor with a rich toolbar and apply extra changes to your document, if needed.
Click on Add Watermark on the right vertical toolbar and choose Page Numbering with a checkmark.
Set number format and other parameters, click Close and Done buttons.
Save your updated form to a device or the cloud.
The tool helps you insert page number in PDF only in a matter of clicks. Besides, it contains a rich editor for other professional adjustments to your document. Choose whether to add or highlight a text, insert an image, apply a legally-binding e-signature, or send your form for signing to a list of recipients. Our all-in-one service has easy solutions for almost all your needs. It's user-friendly, fast, and totally secure. It's based on the cloud protecting your sensitive data from third-party viewing and copying. Try it now to experience all the advantages!

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How to insert page numbering on a Mac

On a Mac, Preview is used as a default software for Portable Document Format viewing and basic editing. Unlike converting or rotating, this app doesn't have a built-in tool for adding page number to PDF automatically. As an option, you can convert a PDF to Word for this purpose and then transfer it back to the original format. However, there's still a way out to number the sheets in Preview manually. That can work for small documents, but it doesn't fit for large manuals or instructions.
Here are the tips on how to do it on a Mac:
Open your file.
Select the View menu from the top toolbar.
Choose Show Mark Up Toolbar from the dropdown and then click on the T to add a blank text box.
Add the page number into that box.
Repeat these steps for every single sheet.
As you can see, this method is too hassle and time-consuming, although it could be fine using it for two- or three-sheet samples. Working with larger documents, we recommend using our web-based modern service for automatical PDF page numbering right from your browser All you need is uploading the file and making a couple of simple clicks. After having organized your form, feel free to use other editing features like highlighting or blacking out data, adding fillable fields, and even applying an e-signature. Stop wasting time for manual adjustments, try out our service to benefit!

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How to insert page numbering using Adobe Acrobat

When working with PDFs, many people prefer Adobe Acrobat for being a good and safe software as a product of Adobe Systems famous for having created a Portable Document Format. It has all basic tools for editing this file type, and there's surely an option to deal with page numbering. If you still don't have this soft installed, check out its trial version but keep in mind that it lasts only 7 days. This period is enough to see whether the tool suits you.
Follow these steps to make a PDF page numbering with Acrobat:
Open a file and choose an Edit PDF option in the toolbar.
Click on Header And Footer and select the Add button.
Choose Insert Page Number and set the format you need.
Click Save Settings on the top of your screen.
Save changes with the Ok button.
Adobe Acrobat is a good program for professional managing PDFs and it has both desktop and online tools. However, it may be pricey to use it with the full subscription after the trial period expires. Should you need something more but for less, try out our ultimate cloud-based service with a simple PDF page number editor. Plus, it also offers a rich toolbar with all the necessary features for your fast and efficient work; you can easily redact the text, add fields to complete, or e-sign your documents just in a few clicks. Try it right now for a full benefit!

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How do I insert page number in PDF online?
Dozens of services exist for adding page numbers to PDF on the web. We recommend using on any device. Open the website in any browser. Additional functions for editing documents are also available.
How do I add numbers to a PDF?
Open to use PDF page number editor from anywhere on any device. Upload your PDF, make changes, and save the document. You’ll need a second to log in or register for your account.
Can I add page numbers to a PDF on Mac?
If you have iWork (an alternative to Microsoft Office for macOS), you can use Pages for adding page numbers to PDF. The easiest way is to insert them into your footer or header. Move the cursor to the top or bottom of the site until you see three fields (left, right, and central).
How do I insert numbers in PDF using Word?
You can edit the PDF and add numbering directly in Word, only starting from the 2013 version. Right-click the context menu and open the document using the standard Word editor. In the top toolbar, go to the Insert tab and click on the Page Number line. You may apply online editors alternatively.
How do I insert numbers to PDF pages without Acrobat?
A document intended for publishing, forms, or even e-books can be edited without Adobe Acrobat and similar programs. Above all, use online PDF page number editors, for example, via Upload your file and edit it from any device.
How do I start page numbering on a specific sheet in Word?
Add footers with numberings. Select a header or footer in the new document and go to Page Number, select the Format, and click Start with. Enter the number you need and save changes.
How do I change the number size and position on a page?
Using our website, it's a two-click case. Go to the Page Numbering in Add Watermark tab, pull the slider to the right to increase the size, or to the left to reduce it. Select one of the six positions below the slider. Click Close to complete.
How do I put page numbers in PDF with Google Docs?
You can insert page numbering by adding footers. This feature is only available in Google Docs and does not work in other Google applications. If you need to work with PDF documents, you'd better use an advanced editor on
How do I insert page numbers to PDF on the iPad?
As for PDF, page numbering is very convenient, with the help of online editors right in the preferred browser on your iPad. Open the, and you will find a handy feature listed separately in the Add Watermark menu for your comfort.
How do I change PDF page numbering?
If you need to change the numbering, start it on the second sheet or delete it at all, our service will help you. Upload your document, and it will open in our advanced online PDF page number editor. This method works in any browser.