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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to add page number in word from middle
Instructions and Help about how to add page number in word from middle

Hello good mom to you all in this tutorial to show you how you can add page numbers from a specific page in a word document so I have taken a Word document which contains several pages around 10 and for the first three pages I don't want the page numbers because there is welcome restore something like that and from the fourth page there is a three content see here list so from this page I want four numbers because I want one from here so in the preview I'll show you welcome list and some company name is there and from for document I actually want to start the number one so to do that go to the content page for where you want the number so click on page layout click on break and click on continuous remember you need to select from which page you are number and then we H near them then break and continuous no you go to insert page number and choose numbers so see here now the present is fourth and it came the number as one two three four from the starting so to avoid this we need to click on this option called link to previous on link we need to unlink this one so to previous we need to uncheck this one that is inherited long just click on that now it is unchecked now again go to insert and page number and click on forward page numbers and start at number one so when you click on OK the fourth becomes one let me see here one and if you strolled to up there are numbers at the starting three bays also just delete one number so that all the numbers above will be deleted this is absolutely because we do we we break the pages into tuna that's why so I deleted three and there won't be numbers from one and two on the top of the pages so now I got page number one from starting from the fourth document and if I scroll down to the bottom that spec two two three four five will be added in the page name.


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How do I add a header and page number in Word 2016?
The quick way In the top bar where there is a light bulb and the words Tell me in header. The result will allow you to add remove edit or create a different first page. If you choose the add header option you will be presented with options for headers including page numbers.