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How To Fix Page Numbers In Word: What You Should Know

So, I typed in and used Edit Footer instead. Get Your Word to Remember Your Numbering — The New York Times Oct 24, 2024 — The next time you're writing something, try to use your finger to make a grid on the page. Now, whenever you hit the keyboard, you'll go down or up, and if you type in the exact number you just came up with in your head with your finger, your word will remember it — without you even having to type it. That's because our brains have built-in rules for memorizing numbers. This is called a “number generator” — and it's why even if you're a number zero, your brain will still be able to figure out that two plus two is four. Get Your Word to Remember Your Numbering — The Wall Street Journal Oct 24, 2024 — One of the great things about our number generators is this: if your number doesn't really have a name, it'll get one. In this case, your number is what you hit on your keyboard when you type a number. The number generator automatically figures out your new number and adds it to your text, and also records the numbers that you add as well. How to Use the Number Generator — Life wire Mar 7, 2024 — The number generator works by first asking you for a long-ass list of numbers, then it adds the numbers in those lists. Then it takes the long list of the final numbers, and subtracts the ones you put in the end. Next, it figures out how to figure out what to put in the list of long-ass numbers that it's given. The final step is to add those numbers in. How to Use the Number Generator — Global The idea is pretty similar to how you use a number generator, except that instead of trying to figure out things for yourself, you just hit Enter.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to fix page numbers in word

Instructions and Help about how to fix page numbers in word

Okay I'm about to put in some page numbers on a report that I have here and in order to check to see what the page numbers are doing right now I'm just going to start with section tube here and just to see what happens I go over to the word page number while I'm in the header and footer tools and I go down to the words current position and I click on one when I do this I see that I have a zero on the table of contents page and I have a zero and another zero and then I go to two and in any case all of the numbers aren't working so what do I need to do well the first thing I want to do is I want to get rid of that page number because it actually doesn't work and then I have to take a look at my headers right now the first thing you wanted to determine is whether your headers are actually set up correctly and I can tell right away that in fact my headers are not how do I know that when I click on my very first page that is the cover of my report it says over here first page header section one what that means is that a word software program determines that this is a first page and when we look over here at the design tab that this is going to be different than any other pages we want that because we don't want a page number and we do not want word to consider that in the table of contents as an actual page however when I click over here in section two the same thing happens it says first page...


How a missing page number in word document can be fixed? When I insert a page break, the next missing page number appears at the top, in a blank page. But after reformatting, the page number again disappears.
The only time I find missing numbers is when I merge documents. Then I have to globally highlight that group and insert a PAGE NUMBER element. Then I get the numbers again. I find if I write the document linear from page 1 to end I never have that problem. It only when I write a chapter separately and insert it into the larger document this happens.
The page numbers are all wrong in the index of my word document. How do I fix this?
A Word index is the calculated result of an INDEX field code so the quick answer is to rebuild the index by being within it and pressing F9. Of course it isn always that simple italic A bit of background first When the INDEX field code is updated Word accumulates the page number information for each of the mark index XE field codes found within the document ignoring duplicates (i.e. 1 of the same XE found on a page) and then sorts and formats the result according to the switches used for the INDEX. You can see the INDEX and hidden- XE field codes by pressing Alt-F9 to toggle between displaying field codes and their results. Since the resulting index is static any changes to pagination that may affect the location of an XE field code w ill not be reflected until the index is rebuilt italic . This is similar to the TOC field codes (table of contents figures or authorities) and why it is important to always recalculate both s after all pagination has beenpleted. If you don rebuild these elements the page numbers may be incorrect. For the TOC you can choose the option to just update the page numbers (useful if you have made formatting changes in the ToC) but the INDEX will be fully rebuilt during a field code recalculation. The INDEX field code has a number of switches to manage various options. Some are options found in the Index dialog but other switches have no UI equivalent and will need to be added manually when Alt-F9 is toggled. Refer to this Microsoft support page s for a description of switches for managing non-UI features such as how to display page ranges (i.e. g to will display a range of pages as Dental coverage 16 to 19 instead of the default en-dash Dental coverage 16319 ). Note italic If Alt-F9 does not show your index as INDEX then it has either been created manually or the field code was changed to its results by pressing Shift-Ctrl-F9. If the latter was the case delete the index and use References Insert Index to recreate one.
What can I learnknow right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?
I am going to assume you are younger just starting out in life and will soon be entering the real world. The ADVICE I am going to give you is not because I think I am smarter than you; Ive just been here 3+ years longer which means I have had a chance to see and learn more. It also based on my own personal experience and what I have seen from others. That called history and acquired knowledge not intelligence. First a cold dose of *reality; I don care how many lottery tickets you buy you will never win. Nor will some wealthy close or distant relative die and leave you millions of dollars. Even if you have well-to-do parents they are not going to pay your entire way in life; they may do it for a while to help but eventually they will get tired of it and that window will be closed for business. Another news flash I don care how tech you are on your phone you will not invent an app or game and sell it off for billions when Google picks you out of a crowd of millions and writes you heavy check. A cute woman with a nice rackdon count on some guy that makes a lot of money picking you out of the drive through working at MacDonald and paying your way either reality is people tend to get into relationships with similar backgrounds and current status in life doctors marry someone that is also in the medical field (like nurses that they see and work with 4+ hours a week) because they can relate to each other at the end of the day Today I saw a patient that had Osgood-Schlatter disease. Really I had a guy bitch about not having pickles on his quarter pounder. Number 1 you may be able to do in 1 minutes; the rest will likely take you several hours days even weeks but you can get started. 1-Ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years 1 years 2 years etc. Is it in the country living off the land with 15 kids; In the burbs with a fenced-in yard with 2.3 kids two cats and a dog or is it living in a high-rise condo in the city with no kids and eating steak every night? That called finding and (if you are smart) setting goals. 2-Figure out how you are going to get there; college trade school getting a factory job that pays okay starting your own business? That called mapping your path and you have one of the most powerful tools at your fingertips that can help you called the internet. Start researching and don just look for the high paying gigs; sure being a doctor may have the potential to make a good living but what will it cost to get there (student loans) and how long before that investment of time and money starts paying off. But more important is it something you would like doing for the next 4+ years. Being a doctor may pay well but you may not like doing it if you don like the sight of blood or sticking your finger up someone ass. On the other hand you may find something that pays less but it is something you enjoy doing maybe even a passion. That makes it a lot easier to get up every morning and go to work. 4-Do some heavy thinking what your philosophies are on politics religion children (to have or not have and if so how to raise those children) financial attitudes health entertainment methods sex your moral codes etc. Don decide you are a republican because your daddy was deeply religious a doughnut eating couch surfer or a beer in hand 24 and blowing every penny you have because that was the environment you were raised in. These are choices you should make and I hate to say it but not all parents are perfect role models. 5-Choose your people wisely. Some friends are a matter of convenience because they live close. Some are because you share the same interests. But some can be a negative in your life; they are needy always broke no ambitions on a cycle of drugs etc. Unless that is the path you are on those are the kind of people that will hold you back maybe even suck you into their lifestyle. The old adage Birds of a feather flock togetheres into play. So does guilt by association. I know a few good people that occasionally get rousted by the law because they choose to hang with losers. A guy I work with sometimes is a standup dude but his two adult kids that live with him are both junkies and always into something; burglary fencing stolen goods dealing dope and the cops know it. As a result he will get the occasional knock on his door looking for the little pricks or get pulled over and put through the wringer because his car was suspected of a hit and run at 3 in the morning (while he was sleeping). He blames it on the cops for being assholes. No it because he has a couple of criminals living under his roof. At 28 and 31 years old it time to broom them but he doesn because Theyre my kids. What are you going to do? His life is one drama after another and he is constantly bailing them out (and that eats into what he owes me). 6-When looking for a romantic relationship don just jump in until you know who they really are and if you share the same philosophies (see number 4). You will never meet someone that is the exact same as you but if you are looking at making it for the long-haul you should at least be on the same page with most of them. From experience I can tell you it not fun to wake up one day and realize you have nothing inmon with the person laying next to you and are legallymitted to in fact you don even read from the same book but (like me) by the time that sinks into your thick skull you have kids and property involved now walking away isn so easy. Keep in mind most people will put their best foot forward in the beginning but eventually the real person startsing out and when they do you may not like what you see. So take your time getting to know them and who they really are. 7-When facing a decision particularly one that involves a fair amount of money time and could have a long-term impact ask as many people as you can what their opinion is. You are not asking what YOU should do but what THEY would do. If you were planning on taking a left but 2 people say they would take a right maybe they see something you don. If you are lucky some may have even been in that situation and tell you what they did or what they SHOULD HAVE DONE. That could save you a lot of headaches. 8-Start treating people the way you want to be treated; with courtesy respect willing to help when the need it etc. In any relationship; a friend fellow worker boss lover there needs to be an exchange. It will never be exactly equal there are times when one will be shouldering more of the heavy lifting but there has to be some of exchange. 9-Know that you will be going through many phases in your life your living situation your location job opportunities the paths others take etc. These will change things and those close friendships you had that will never die will be gone. That happens so be prepared to start over some segments of your life. 1-Health-when you are young you are bullet proof; can chow fast food pizza all day do drugs lay on the couch and never gain an ounce. But that will change you will start feeling the effects; weight gain aches and pains organ damagestart getting in the habit of eating better and (mild) exercising. After while it bes second nature and the pay-off is 1 years later when those around you are suffering with a multitude of ailments you are still in good shape. 11-There used to be a saying The day you were born the doctor held you upside down and slapped you on the ass (to make you cry and get your lungs moving). What they were saying is basically life isn fair kid get used to it and its life isn always fair. Occasionally we get handed a bad card. But in reality most of those bad cards we get handed we brought on ourselves because we allowed them to happen; the lifestyle we chose to live of excess partying not taking care of ourselves physically the people we hang with not taking advantage of opportunities when offered not dealing with negative things properly when they occur etc. n nOne of my best friends has been going through some pretty rough times; divorce from an alcoholic wife that was tapping his business accounts to support her drinking and gambling habits his primary piece of work equipment was run into put out ofmission repaired broke down shortly after requiring about $75 in out of pocket repairs and his disruption insurance has refused to pay him for not just the added repairs but being out of work almost 18 months losing him at least $5. Every time he tells me about his latest setback he says It is what it is. No when someone ran into his equipment that It Is What It Is because he had no control over that. However the next set of equipment failures were because he was in such a hurry to get back to work he accepted the band-aid repairs and didn insist on a full assessment and accepted the equipment as-is. He made it worse because he didn file the proper paperwork in the allotted time frame after those band-aid repairs started failing. The financial damage his ex-wife did was because he didn bother to keep track of his own bank accounts while she was bleeding him dry nor did he do anything about her alcohol issues when first noticed it was bing a problem. That isn It Is What It is it because he didn deal with them properly when they first appeared and that bad luckhe brought on himself. I did the same things in my life; my ex-wife was always bad with money right from the beginning constantly overdrawing our account (which affected both of us). Rather than firmly laying down the basic rules from the start what the consequences would be if she failed to follow them and enforcing those rules I played it diplomatically making suggestions. For some people that soft approach doesn work you need to play it hardcore; you firmly set the rules and enforce the consequences. I didn. I made it worse because I kept bailing her out which led her to believe she wasn doing anything wrong and there would always be a safety net for her me. I did the same thing with apany I was involved with. They were breaching the contract within the first 12 days and because I did not assertively address those breaches (instead politely understanding their problems) they continued failing to meet their end of the contract which ultimately cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and lost me literally millions that I would have made had I taken a firm stand. I have no one else to blame but myself I allowed it to happen. 12-You will make mistakes that is part of life. But don just kick yourself in the ass over and over learn from them by identifying why and making changes so it won happen again. That why the study of history is so important so you don keep repeating the same mistakes of the past. *Who knows you may end-up drawing the right lotto number and win large long lost Uncle Elmer leaves you a major chunk of change you develop some stupid app that pays off etc. but don count on it. Plan on getting where you want to be at the end of your life and start working on it now. That doesn mean all work and no play but you need to prioritize the two. I have made my share of mistakes over the years from picking the wrong friends wrong relationships excessive life style living not taking job and educational opportunities when offered etc. But Ive slowly learned to use those mistakes as a process to learn and to not do them again. I still screw up almost every day I do something stupid but the ones that have high impact are less and less. And the learning processit never ends. That the real world wee to it.
Adding page numbers is shifting text to the next page in Microsoft Word. What is a fix to this?
maybe you could try adjusting the bottom margin (which marks the start of the footer which in turn holds the page numbers) manually using the side ruler... ) It is not possible toe to permanent fix though as you might use a different font style and size for each document...
What are the worst U-turns made by BJP after forming the government? Before the Lok Sabha elections, BJP made many promises, but it slowly seems it's taking many U-turns.
Sinceing into power Modi Government has took many key U-Turns from its own Poll promises. Lets count.. The count here is around 3 though if you separate it as claims came one after another the count may go beyond 45. (1) Electricity RatesnBJP before Delhi Polls promised 3% cheaper electricity but after assuming power at center and as Delhi was under President's rule it was the duty of Central Government to propose Delhi budget the Modi government took U-Turn and since then increased the Electricity twice. Once in July by % and in November by 7%. Not only that when AAP government ordered CAG Audit of Power Dis and dis are not co-operating with CAG instead of asking Dis to co-operate they are increasing electricty charges.. nBJP Promise in 213 n BJP promises cheaper power vegetables in Delhi | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis nU-Turn nJuly - Delhi Power tariff raised by % for all 3 dis - Hindustan Times n November - Business Standard n(2) Its known fact that BJP is stern opponent of Article 37 and even mentioned it in their manifesto that they will scrap Article 37 but recently as Polls in J&K are due so BJP is again taking Election 214 Manifeston s 586 65 There are many more U-Turns taken by Modi Government like free Visa to Bangladeshis Diesel Price Hike (though it has been reduced now due to global price reduction but they increased it earlier) Bowing down to Khap Panchayat which disrespects women Low government advertisement regarding government achievements and Augusta Westland are some U-Turns which are good for the country but it exposes the hypocrisy of BJP which disturbed many parliament session and its workers destroyed many buses public properties when UPA done it thus wasting the tax-payers money. Whether in government or in opposition BJP is adopting UPA policies at will and taking U-Turns for which they have done massive destruction of public property and tax payer money by disrupting parliament sessions.
What is the most unusual password you have ever seen?
I saw a lot of answers on this one but surprisingly no one mentioned this one. So I guess it peculiar. This is something Im very fond of and have been using for a while now. Behold the T-9 keypad! When I was a kid the phones I had access to weren as smart as the simplest ones these days. AND they had a numeric italic keypad! Ive been pretty attached to that sort of a design and hence when my new smartphone prompted me for a numeric PIN I was ready to throw something epic at it! Here a photo of the first phone I owned! * nostalgia strikes italic !* I remember setting my first password as 42 italic italic ( Please get the reference! italic ) and italic here the clever part! My pals knew my obsession with the fables and tales I loved so I had to do something they could not crack and have something close to me at the same time. The numeric password thus became an equivalent of forty-two italic ! 3336667778999189666 italic Pretty long you say! But then it barely took two seconds to because of the speed I acquired by typing messages all day on that phone (faster than any kid today can on his smartphone! Physical keys are amazing!). It was also pretty secure because I did not really remember the password so no one could have me say it in my sleep! Also I could convey the password to my bestie who knew the coding scheme and hence we had a securemunication channel! ( You guessed it right - Ie from Electrical Engineering background p italic ) This was at least a couple of years back in time! Since then I have wanted to have longer phrases as passwords and shorter PINs (study says that if you are forced to think about a phrase continuously you actually do end up thinking about it voluntarily too). Theplete T-9 mapping would hence be bulky and I switched to a simpler first-key based scheme barring the repetition. If I wanted my password to be riemann-hypothesis italic (That an examplee on! That was never really a password!) I would chose 743626614976843747 italic I grew bored of these long passwords for disabling the alarms in the morning and my most recent password was happy italic or 42779 italic - something I chose when I really needed to get over an emotional low and well.. It did help! ( I just changed the PIN geniuses! italic ) PS My longest serving password was 3846778484 italic for close to a year. Been something very close to me. Brownie points for guessing it right!
What is the fastest you wiped that smirk off your manager's face?
I canub4t be sure if it was the fastest one but one of them One of my bosses in a certain country wanted to get rid of me as she had already done with a woman colleage telling me after this in her office mixed with a lot of other issues that Now Iub4m going to deal with your case meaning now it will be your turn after saying that she had been taken care of so she had all the time to do things that would result in that oue. We (the other woman and I) were the most qualified for that of job in the country at our work level and had before take off talked to the director of the program to make sure everything would be handled adequately trying to safeguard a previous stay in that country under a different coordinator who had been ousted by a secretary of state whoub4d placed a friend instead the one in question (my experience not hers). And so it happened things started going terribly wrong. Her position was at the embassy which carries a lot of weight on foreign soils. All bureaucracies which depended on her in which I was involved met with her illegal resistance trying to prolong them in time so that Iub4d find myself illegal in the country attempting to arouse suspicions at why it had to be like that (questioning certain of the countryub4s policies regarding people) doing her best to demoralize me in such a way that I wrote the director going above her which we were not supposed to and he sorted everything which infuriated her even more saying he was undermining her authority I had to address everything to her. He wrote to me stating exactly that. There was nothing I did that in her eyes was worthy of recognition or praise even though the best results in the country were mine muchplimented by others and remarkable feats nobody else could boast about were mindbogging. Several letters ofmendation were handed to me by the countryub4s directors I worked with which she also tried to downplay. She continued writing on my back things which I could not contest because they were unknown to me saying I was disobedient did more than I was supposed to interfered in her work without her authorization wasing to the Ministry of Labour (which never happened) had put in jeopardy the ongoing negotiations between my Government and that of the other country etc. She actually incited a magazine to state that my behaviour put in danger certain people and that I fancied certain classes of people to others. She also wrote I was in danger in the country some people had been killed so that might happen to me adding that I was not consequently in the best mental condition so my post should be extinguished and I should return. The Ministry handed the matter to its legal staff who refuted the request so she started devising other means. As the best work years in my life despite all the mounting difficulties she had been pressuring me with they still had to be evaluated which occurred every varying number of years to allow for career progress so a report on them was made mandatory by law. Having failed everything she had used that she thought would work but had failed the ultimate trump left her was a negative assessment of the report at the end of the year to force me to leave which she had been so hard at. She requested we meet at an outside mall cafe in the city I worked (the embassy was in a different city) and told me she was going to assess my work negatively but if Imitted to abandon the country sheub4d give me a good information so I could progress immediately. She said this with a very pleasant face with a kind of charming smile but when I gave her a flat no she changedpletely said there was nothing else to talk about and left. She still contacted a then visiting union member who specifically dealt with staff working abroad who was basically told the same thing. The amazing thing here is that all assessment is strictly confidencial can only be revealed to the assessed and I had not even received anything officially. Aftermath the magazine was taken to court and lost they had to retract everything on one of their pages in and indemnify me a sizeable amount; I contested the negative assessment back in my country and won the case 8 years afterwards receiving the difference between what I had earned and what was supposed to te earned had she done what was proper (a little more than 3 euros) and was immediately promoted; She waspulsorily retired; I won a court case against the end of my post but did not want to go back as she was still there 3 years afterwards - she was ousted in the subsequent year as above. After that meeting I continued working in the country for 2 more years when she managed to have me ousted alleging she had no work for me although she did then pressing the Ministry to justify why it maintained me in the country with a good salary doing nothing. After 6 months I was ordered back but did not go put on sick leave. She continued battlling to have me out even sending the police after me but nothing could be done about it as I was legal and actually put the police in check. Then I was involved in the court case agaiinst the magazine and some people that could incriminate her but because of her diplomatic status that could only be achieved in our country. I tried to reapply and again she tried her best to prevent me from it and on one of the occasions the Embassy opened its watering hoses on the pavement where I was waiting for them to let me in wetting me all over and I called the police who ordered them to never again use hoses or do watering outside of the Embassy premises. They did get a fright whichforted me because they seemed to do whatever pleased them even if unlawful and that really annoyed me. I had to write back home for her to hand me the papers for reapplication as she refused to let me have them and the Ministry wrote ordering her to do it. I was again posted there but she (illegally) justifying herself that I had been on sick leave should be observed back home whether able to resume my duties even though the doctors stamped their OK. She corrupted back home the Medical Office of the Ministry to delay as much as possible the observation and tests so sheub4d have a ground to press once more the Ministry to end the 2 nd post once more on the basis of not producing but being paid which hapened. They kept me for almost 2 years doing nothing stating I was under treatment (it never happened) and finally doing everything they should have done ages ago when I took them to court and they were ordered to release me; She corrupted those involved in the assessment process (before going to court you are supposed to contest hierarchically). She had them sit her in the panel which is illegal as the law states that when one contests the assessorub4s mark the panel must be made up by independent and technical elements and only written elements are considered. They hardly looked at the papers following her leads. This was conveyed by an element representing me a highly qualified connosseur distinguised professor who has been working with the government on some sensitive matters. I went to the papers and told them a few things showing them the documents (they were photocopied) they contacted all my ex-colleages and wrote 2 whole pages on terrorism acts on her part The minister and she contacted denied to be interviewd and my ex-colleagues were convened to an urgent meeting to be threatened with disciplinary measures should they dareto open their mouths again. However the newspaper reporter contacted them and they all confirmed everything that had been said before. As a consequence one of my ex-colleagues was sent home (the local union leader). Again minister and her declined to talk and some time afterwards the newspaper ceased to exist. After my court cases everything came into the open one department of the Ministry ceased to exist all its services were transferred to an independent institution working under the Department of Foreign Affairs the Medical Department was restrutured (it came under investigation by the Medical Association and newspaper articles about it came out leaving it exposed. Another Ministerial Department had its name changed there were lots or internal changes and now its scope is different. According to some of my colleages the Medical Department is back to its old practices so in this case it was all a make-belief. .
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