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Different Page Numbers In Word 2016: What You Should Know

Press it, then click the “Page Number” button in the bottom right.) if the top of the page has spaces between page numbers, enter one tab per page number. For example, if the top of the page has a ‐19×9‒ tab, then the page number will be 19×9 and the corresponding tab will be 9.  if the bottom of the page has spaces between page numbers, enter one tab per page number. For example, if the bottom of the page has a ‐19×9‒ tab, then the page number is 19×9 and the corresponding tab will be 9.  if the top of the page has spaces between page numbers, enter one tab per page number. For example, if the top of the page has a ‐19×9‒ tab, then the page number will be 19×9 and the corresponding tab will be 9. if the bottom of the page has spaces between page numbers, enter one tab per page number.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing different page numbers in word 2016


How do I make a different header for each page on Word 2016?
You need to take advantage of Word powerful sections capabilities. By default every Word document has at least one section with an empty page header and footer. If you create a page header (and footer) it will appear on every page. That may be fine for a memo but it is pretty lame for a report. Tip make life easier for yourself by right-clicking the status bar at the bottom of the screen and checking the Formatted page number and Section options to show these for the current selection always displayed in your status bar. italic To get the headers you want Type in the content of your cover page and instead of pressing Ctrl-Enter or using Insert | Page Break italic to get a page break to start your outline use the Layout ribbon Page Setup | Breaks pull-down to choose Next Page (from the Section Break list). Type in your outline copy and then add another Next Page section break before starting to your main content. (Note If you have your copy already d in you can just select and delete the page breaks and then use the above to insert the section breaks.) italic Youll now have 3 sections in your document. Now click within the start of your outline content. You can either double-click in the header area or use the Insert ribbon Header & Footer | Header to create the heading you want. However before you anything first italic click the Link to Previous button in the Navigation part of the Header and Footer Tools ribbon to disconnect the header from the previous one (i.e. the cover page in your case). If you don do this the heading you create for your outline will be used for the previous section (your cover page). The Same as Previous label will disappear to indicate that this heading will start a new series. Type in what you need McCabe3 and use Page Number Current Position for including the page number. However the page number being displayed in your new heading will be 2. As well the status bar will report that your selection is on PAGE 2 of Section2 and Page 2 of x (where x is the total number of pages in your document) but you want it to be page i. To adjust this choose Format Page Number from the Insert ribbon Header & Footer | Page Number pull-down. In the top part change the number format to i ii iii and in the bottom part of this dialog change the page numbering to start at i. When you click OK youll see that the status bar will now show that you are on PAGE i of Section 2 and Page 2 of x and your header will now show the page number as i. Now move the cursor to the beginning of your main article. Your header will now show an Arabic number (53) and the status bar will show PAGE 3 (or greater) and Section 3. To reset the page number to 1 for this section use the Page Number Format dialog (as above from Insert | Header & Footer | Page Number pull-down) to set the Page numbering to Start at 1. The page numbering format is part of the section definition so if you later add another section break say to start a 2nd chapter you will need to use the Page Number Format dialog again to reset the numbering to Continue from previous section. If you don the new section will also begin as page 1. Be aware that the above covers just the tip of the iceberg when ites to managing pagination in a Word document. You can have different first page headers & footers different headers & footers for odd and even pages; automatically include chapter titles in headers and footers; and much more. Read up on Word sections page setup and Word field codes to learn more.
Is there a prize to whoever discovers the pattern in prime numbers?
I was once teaching some middle school students math at an exclusive private school. I had one student who was arrogant and constantly annoying me and the other students. The administration was not supportive of my attempts at disciplining him. I came up with this solution I told him if he could find a pattern to prime numbers so that he could predict the next one he could make a lot of money and be famous. He liked this challenge and began devoting himself to it. He had pages and pages of calculations and never bothered me again. Every once in awhile I would show some interest in his work and he would say something like I think Im on to something... I knew he would not find anything because I knew that there is no pattern to prime numbers. There may be some local areas where it appears that there is a pattern but there is no overall pattern and no formula for predicting the NEXT prime number without TESTING . Think of it this way. You are a Paleolithic man who figures out that 2 3 5 7 11 and 13 are prime. You wonder what the next prime will be. There is no way to find it without some testing. You can test 14. Nope. 15 Nope. 16 Nope. 17 Bingo. You only need test the factors up to the square root of the number (in the case of 17 2 3 and 4) because the next number will be too big but you do need to TEST. Mathematicians seem to hate to admit that there is this CHAOS in the middle of numbers but there is and I find it lovely. Edit How do I know that there is no pattern? Pattern (definition)nu222 an arrangement or sequence REGULARLY found inparable objects or a REGULAR and intelligible form or sequence discernible in certain actions or situations. So a PATTERN implies REGULARITY or REPETITION. nREPETITION implies MULTIPLICATION because MULTIPLICATION is REPETITIVE implies FACTORS and we can have factors if it prime. Compute (definition) determine (the amount or number of something) mathematically. nWe do not determine if a number is prime MATHEMATICALLY. We do it EXPERIMENTALLY Edit 2 Some people think that there are patterns in the Ulam Spiral . Ulam spiral - Wikipedia s However if you download the figure and blow it up you will see some straight lines emerge and then DISAPPEAR. Prime numbers are infinite. So of course statistically some straight lines will appear at times like when flipping coins you will sometimes get a run of Heads. Also the Ulam Spiral uses squares. I think a different Spiral will appear if you use triangles or hexagons. It will also not produce enough of a pattern to PREDICT the next prime. Science is about finding patterns in order to predict. We can predict when the next lunar eclipse will be we can predict when water will freeze and boil but we cannot predict the next prime number. Edit 3 I think that primes don have a PATTERN but appear to have certain TENDENCIES. They TEND to be more SPARSE as the quantities increase but then suddenly you see two together. These are called twin primes. Examples (41 43) (137 139). Nobody knows if twin primes like primes are infinite. It hasn been proven. Wikipedia nThe current largest twin prime pair known is 299686334895 ub7 2^129 ub1 1nwith 388342 decimal digits. It was discovered in September 216. Like with the primes themselves there is no known way to predict when these twin primes wille along. Edit 4 Steven Wolfram discusses putational irreducibility and cellular automata. Certain simple algorithms or rules can lead to cellular events that can not be predicted ahead of time. You have to run the program to see what will happen. The same as with prime numbers (and highlyposite numbers). Computational irreducibility - Wikipedia s Edit 5 I just realized never really answered the question. There is a large prize one million USD to whoever can prove or disprove the Riemann hypothesis. This hypothesis involves some advanced math but there are some good videos and books about it. It basically has important implications for the distribution of prime numbers. In other words how many primes there are below a given number. For example below 1 25 primes; below 1 168 primes; below 1 1229 primes. According to Marcus du Sautoy if I understand him correctly if the hypothesis is proven to be that would show that primes are randomly distributed among the numbers. So no there is no prize for anyone who discovers a pattern in prime numbers. Edit 6 In fact although there may appear to be local patterns I think I have proven here that there can be no pattern to prime numbers. Summary YOU MAY BE ABLE TO PICK UP THE SNAKE BUT YOU DONT KNOW WHICH WAY IT WILL TWIST NEXT.
How do I add a header and page number in Word 2016?
The quick way In the top bar where there is a light bulb and the words Tell me in header. The result will allow you to add remove edit or create a different first page. If you choose the add header option you will be presented with options for headers including page numbers.
Why does Microsoft Word text look differently when I switch between Mac and Windows?
This article will help you understand Word on the Mac is basically a lite version of Word for Windows repiled to run on the Mac. (Mac Word 211 is equivalent to Win Word 23) Not all of the modules of Word are included in Word for the Mac. Word for the iPhone and Word for the iPad are quite different. Word for the web Office 365 is different. Documents will look the same on Mac and PC as long as certain conditions are met You use Microsoft Word 21 with service pack 2 on the PC. These documents were saved in OOXML file format in Word. Documents only use only Microsoft Office 21 Old versions these fonts are not installed or active on either Mac & PC. The Mac has Word 211 Current versions of the Office fonts are active on the Mac. Usual Rules Network Templates Don work on Mac. Ribbon Customizations are not available on Mac. Word for Mac can use only TrueType fonts and OpenType fonts with nTrueType outlines. The color table is different between Mac and PC Word on PowerPoint and Excel too. Unless you are prepared to create color profiles and carefully color-match every device in the chain on both the PC and the Mac you must accept that colors are going to look quite different. Commands in Mac exist only in the menu bar or on the toolbars that Mac Word has. n The same printer will produce different results from the same document depending on the printer driver if it is on a Mac or a PC. Do not use hard page breaks. Minimize section breaks. Use paragraph properties to manage pagination. Assume that the Mac will reflow by about half %. tt Read full Differences Between Win & Mac Word
How can I create two separate tables of contents in one document in Word 2016 with their own page numbers?
How can I create two separate tables of contents in one document in Word 216 with their own page numbers? italic Create one then add another (presumably different) one somewhere else. A Word document can have many different tables of contents (ToCs). But why would anyone want or need 1 table of contents? italic Tables of charts figures and illustrations can help you readers go directly to the page of such elements. Build each ToC based on a unique style used for the caption or from TC field codes. (See Sarah Madden user 12373692 answer for examples.) You can use the TOC field code c switch to build a ToC made up of any paragraphs numbered with a sequence field code (SEQ). The identifier can be automatically assigned (as with caption labels from References Insert Caption) or created manually with a sequence id you assign for any of numbered item. The c switch will include the sequence number; the related a switch will leave the sequence number out (and any identifier word such as Figure or Table if you are using caption sequences). A ToC can be made from content not even visible in a document by including it within TC field codes. TC codes don print so they can include content not included in the print version (or different to what appears there). You can then use the TOC field code f switch to build a ToC from TC field codes within the document that use the matching identifier. For example if you included short explanatory notes within TC field codes and used b italic i italic & a italic as the entry identifiers for different basic intermediate and advanced explanations you could generate 3 different ToCs by using f b f i and f a as the switches to pull the matching TC entries. If you have extensive appendices consider creating a table of contents for them. Use the TOC bookmark switch ( b ) to differentiate between the main content and the appendices content. (This switch is useful if you want to exclude front-end or back-end content from a ToC create a bookmark for just the content you want included then use this switch to define it in the TOC field code.) As noted in myment to Les Black user 751548181 answer to this question about sorting a ToC question qid 62433124 you could create a ToC sorted by part numbers by converting the TOC-generated list to (Ctrl-Shift-F9 to un the TOC field code) then using Word sort. For documents intended to be read on aputer (or as a PDF) the h switch will set the ToC entries as hypers so your reader can click to jump directly to the content. This often makes page numbers unnecessary so you can use the n switch to eliminate the page numbers from the ToC. Word tables of contents can be far more sophisticated than the basic ones available from References Table of Contents . Any of its drop-down options will insert variations of the TOC field code but if you edit the field code you can take advantage of many additional switches. See this Microsoft support page s for details about the TOC field code and available switches. The same site shows options for the TC field code s .
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