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What seems easy but is really hard?
You're attending the marriage of your best friend. You're his best man. You're walking around weing the guests and then something happens. Suddenly you feel a cool breeze hitting your face from nowhere that beautiful romantic song starts making sense and then under the dim lamp near the tree you spot a dazzling angel whose random glance at you made your heart stop for a second. All gorgeous and divine she's out there smiling in that red saree. You're in a trance. You shamelessly go to your best friend and ask him about her. She's the best friend of your best friend's to-be spouse. Bingo. Now that's easy. Wait she's damn pretty. She must be in a relationship. You probably can't approach her. But no. You're a lucky ass. She's single and you can make a move now. You could go and strike a conversation get to know her ask her out and oh my God end up marrying her and have kids. That escalated quickly. No you gotta talk to her first. This is when real shit happens. italic All of a sudden you realise your balls are missing and you're not able to move towards her. You try pulling your legs but for some reason you see they're nailed to the ground like really deep. You don't understand what's happening. You keep looking at her. She's walking away. Shit you better run now. No you're stuck again. This time you're so near to her but you act invisible. What if you get facepalmed real bad and that too on your best friend's wedding? That can't happen. You better not talk to her. But she's gorgeous and you really want to say hi. You realise that one of your balls has appeared out of nowhere and you're able to walk towards her. Great. You're just two feet away and you realise that she's that girl you had a crush on when you were at school. Damn you've been given another divine chance. She's double pretty now. You better not let that Cupid down. Go on. Atlast you're near her. You say hi and then bam! Trance mode activated. You utter one beautiful line. Where can I find some drinks out here? Shit. Double headtree. Triple facepalm. She gives you a poker face. She calls the waiter and asks him to ge you. You wanna kill yourself now. You're done and dusted. You lost your only chance and now you're gonna die alone. You then walk away cursing Brahma for not giving you balls the cupid for not striking the arrow properly and all the bloody angels in the sky. So what seems easy but is friggin' hard? It's not dating it's not being in a relationship and it definitely isn't marriage. It's asking her out for the first time. italic horizontal-rule Evanesco. *Poof* italic
Have you ever considered a life of crime?
Kinda. For a bit I considered selling MDMA or LSD at electronic music festivals. Then I did the math and if one was to sell good products the returns are quite minimal. Even when buying MDMA wholesale it hard to get a price lower than $4 per gram and the market price to sell it is approximately $8 per gram in the US. So if you sell a good product at most you double your money. This is why there is all sorts of bunk marketed as ecstasy like bath salts or research chemicals. Dealers are trying to turn a profit worth the risk. Controversially some of the dangerous products sold as ecstasy in clubs or at music festivals are legal to purchase which puts the incentives really upside down. LSD is pretty cheap but the quantity needed for effects is very minimal and people tend to use it quite rarely no more than three or four times a year at most. In order to make any substantial amount of money selling it you pretty much need to know every person that likes acid in town. I never had interest into the addictive drugs like cocaine or heroin. Im sure that someone careful not to use the product can make money selling those but the market is a bit too sketchy and ethically questionable for my taste. So I did some research and figured I can make plenty more money with an honest living without risking prison. The math just didn work.
What conservative would you have a drink with?
Conservative here. There are plenty of conservatives whose ideas I love but they as a person put me off. Im assuming including dead people but Ill provide both dead and alive So Ill start with who I wouldn drink with and why Ben Shapiro. Too religious for me talks too fast and seems like he talk a little too much about politics and religion than I like Ann Coulter. I feel like people would genuinely spit at me in the street just for reading one of her books let alone hanging out with her. Although I find a small part of me oddly attracted to her. Donald Trump. Not sure he necessarily a conservative but Ill say he is for the sake of this. Everything Ive heard about him indicates to me that the drink would consist of him talking about himself. Oh and I feel weird because he doesn f**king drink. Alcohol that isI hear he got quite the Diet Coke addiction Ayn Rand. Im not sure she considered conservative per se as she was more libertarian. Libertarians are wayyyy more opposed to social rules and regulations than conservatives but she still considered a conservative thinker. But from watching her debates she seems terribly stubborn and often closed minded to me. Who would I like to drink with? Ronald Reagan. One of the most humourous presidents weve had as well as a pretty decent guy. Weve had funny presidents. Weve had decent presidents. It rare we had both in one. The only ones thate to mind are Reagan Obama and maybe Bush. I mean Clinton was funny but he also f***ed an intern with a cigar while being married. Bush Sr wasn particularly funny and has been accused of sexual assault recently. LBJ could be funny at times but the man was a racist and something of a bully. Andrew Klavan. The lesser known of the two main Daily Wire hosts (the other being Shapiro) Klavan unlike Ben is a former liberal and has a good understanding of liberal mindsets. He also a pretty open minded guy as well as being funny and a bit of a movie buff (like me). Gary Sinise. Never said they had to be in the world of politics. Sinise isn a hardcore conservative but he certainly not of the left. He an all around nice guy performs for the troops in the Lt Dan Band is a great actor and very charitable helping discharged vets get their lives together again. Ted Cruz. I know I disqualified Ben for being too religious and political but Cruz also seems like a very nice thoughtful guy and doesn talk crazy fast like Ben. And he funny.
Who would win in a fight between Ivan Tregear and Matthew Bates?
Idk. Matthew bates at his prime was a 6u2326 monster that could bench 25. Thats a lot of muscle to be able to take down. I don think Ivan couldve handled that. But now Matthew says that he overweight and probably couldn't even bench 15. So i give it to Ivan. Yes. I know it isn a strength battle. But size and strength play a big role in a fight. If Bates tackled Ivan there isn't a lot to be done. Ivan would be dead in a minute. BUT. they aren't the be all and end all of a fight either. Which is why ivee to the conclusion i did. Ivan (knows martial arts) vs an overweight albiet above average in strength and man. I give it to Ivan.
Is it possible to write a sentence beginning with "with" while avoiding the use of a comma?
Yes. It particularly easy if it a dialogue. Where were you? With him. With whom? With my boyfriend.
As a dad, how do you feel if someone says that your baby looks absolutely like the mom?
Children go through phases where they look very very much like dad and then you wait a couple of months and their facial structure changes as they grow and all of a sudden they look like mom. Some children do favor one parent or the other quite a bit. That doesn't detract from your importance in the family. Often times I'm told that this feature or that featurees from me. Most of the time I just don't see it. So it's a very subjective view point. I think a lot of times when people makements like that they are looking for something toplement you or your child. Some of thements are a struggle to find because who wants to hear someone say What a chunky little fellow you have there. How many chins is that? Because when they're really infants a lot really are like the Michelin man. So folks want to say something nice and they flail around ande up with one feature or another thates from mom or dad. It's not really much difference then saying that you love that dress that someone has on. Or that haircut looks really great on you. Not every baby is endowed with early features that can be easilymented upon. Children are little people that go through a lot of growth stages and phases and no one really knows what they're going to look like when they reach adulthood. If you're not being acknowledged right now just wait. It won't be long until baby looks a lot like you for a while.
When was the last time you actually clean your ceiling fan?
Yesterday. Yet another advantage of being very tall cleaning ceiling fans is easy.
Would relocating the U.N. headquarters to anywhere outside of the U.S. be a good idea?
From Wikipedia Headquarters of the United Nations - Wikipedia s The United Nations is headquartered in New York City in aplex designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Theplex has served as the official headquarters of the United Nations since itspletion in 1952. (...) (...) The United Nations has three additional subsidiary regional headquarters or headquarters districts. These were opened in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1946 Vienna (Austria) in 198 and Nairobi (Kenya) in (...) (...) These adjunct offices help represent UN interests facilitate diplomatic activities and enjoy certain extraterritorial privileges but only the main headquarters in New York City contains the seats of the principal organs of the UN including the General Assembly and Security Council . (...) (...) Relocation proposalsedit Due to the significance of the organization proposals have occasionally been discussed to relocate its headquarters. Comts about its current location include diplomats who find it difficult to obtain visas from the United States 9 and local residentsing of inconveniences whenever the surrounding roads are closed due to visiting dignitaries as well as the high costs to the A telephone survey in 21 found that 67% of respondents favor moving the United Nations headquarters out of the country. 92 Countries critical of the USA such as Iran and Russia are especially important in questioning the current location of the United Nations. Arguing that the United States government could manipulate the work of the General Assembly through selective access to politicians from other countries with the aim of having an advantage over rival Due to accusations of espionage by the United States the subject of the relocation of the UN headquarters was again discussed this time for security Among the cities that have been proposed to house the headquarters of the United Nations are Saint Petersburg97 Montreal98 Dubai991 Jerusalem11 and Critics of the relocation say that the idea would be expensive and would also involve the withdrawal of the United States from the organization and with it much of the agency's funding italic . (...) See also recent events Ambassador Nikki Haley praises reduced United Nations 218-219 budget s Nikki Haley negotiates $285M cut in bloated UN budget s Graphic source The Economist Could Donald Trump attack on the UN destabilise the world? italic s