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How To Change Page 2 To Page 1 In Word: What You Should Know

When you save the document, change the page number in the document's Properties box to create a new page. Q. How do I include a page break in an article? When we start a new paragraph in a Word article, the page number in the top page is set to blank space. If we want to place a page number at the beginning of the next paragraph it must be started in the same paragraph the paragraph starts. To create the page break in the paragraph we must select the entire paragraph and choose New Page…. When we set the page number inside the paragraph, the page number in the section heading stays at the start of the paragraph. Thus pages in a section need to be numbered consecutively, just like pages in paragraphs. To create the page break in a chapter, we need to first create a new paragraph inside the chapter, then select the chapter and choose New Page…. Finally, when the page breaks appear throughout a chapter we need to be very precise about where they appear, as the page number will be determined by that. Q. How do I set up multiple paragraphs in a Chapter in Word? To separate the different sections of Chapter 1 in Chapter 1 of my book, I set up two paragraphs and changed the page numbers for the first and second pages. The page numbers in the following paragraph are as follows: Page-1: Pages-1-Page-7 & Pages-2-Page-8 Page-3: Pages-3-Page-10 & Pages-4-Page-11 Page-5: Pages-5-Page-12 & Pages-6-Page-13 Page-6: Pages-6-Page-14 Page-7: Pages-7-Page-15 1.  Before we start, here is a good rule of thumb: set all the page numbers (not just the page numbers in paragraphs and chapter headings) at the beginning of the paragraphs in question. This will keep your document easily formatted and will also make it easier to find your way throughout the paragraph (which is not as easy as it sounds!). As you use the first paragraph, all the numbered pages will appear at the beginning of your document. 2.

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