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How Do I Start Page Numbers On A Specific Page In Word?: What You Should Know

The bottom portion of the page, when open. (When you double-click a cell, you may have to close the window first.) If you have only one header or footer, double-click that area. Click on the numbers inside the highlighted area to begin the numbering. Click in the highlighted area twice on the first row of your document. Click the number of the page you want to begin numbering from at the bottom of the ribbon If you have more than one header or footer, each will be a tab by itself. You can then double-click in the header or footer area of each tab to begin numbering from the page you clicked on. This will start the numbering in the correct location. You can always navigate back to the correct page to change the numbering. If you do not have any headers or footers on your page, the page numbers will appear on the following page. On the right side of the ribbon: • • • Insert: Tab, to highlight and show the page number on the right side of the ribbon. • • • Pages and pages of links to pages, pages, page numbers, and so on • • • In the list of links, each link has its own line of numbering. • • • The left side has a header and footer area. The right side is where each page will be numbered • • • • • The section above has some images of this process. If you want to play around with this, I have a video here showing my first attempt at numbering an entire document. How this works When we insert a page to the right of the blank page where we started numbering the current page, the page numbering will be performed in a new cell. So if the page you want page number 1 from starts on page 9, you will insert 9 into cell A9 which will start the numbering on that specific page. The numbering of the current page on the left is not done by a cell on the right, but is done as you add that page number into the current cell. The number of the page number is calculated as each number (1, 2, 3, 4 or any other combination of pages) goes up into the current cell. Each page will be numbered in the cells in which the last number is being added.

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