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How To Start Page Numbers On Page 3 In Word 2013: What You Should Know

Starting on First Page What to do when you want to start numbering, for example, page 2 (the current page), in MS Word 2018? You can use the Insert tab → Page Number, and add a 'Start at ' button ‐ click it and type in 1. If you need to add a number that isn't on your document, use the Table of Contents in Microsoft Word, or the table of contents in Google Docs. A few tips if you are using the Table of Contents: Choose “start at” 1, and insert a number that corresponds to that. For example: Insert tab → Table Of Contents → Start at 1 Start page numbering on the second page of this document; use the Table of Contents to do so. Do not use the Table Of Contents and then add a 'Start at' option. When you are using the table of contents in Microsoft Word, you can use some following procedures to ensure the page that is numbered correctly: Step 1: Turn off the formatting. • Use a ruler or a ruler tip to make sure the page you are using aligns to the edge of the table. • If the table doesn't line up, or it is not the same line, check the right-column heading. Step 2: Change the margins. • Go to the Insert tab → Table Of Contents and set the margins to 1/2. Step 3: Check the page. • Go to the Table of Contents view and see if the numbers are the same as what you have now. Click the table • If you are happy with the numbers, check the right-column heading, and fix any errors by using the ruler. If you can't get the numbers right, check the header heading — you may have made the table too narrow. Step 4: Repeat Step 3 to make sure you are printing on the correct paper, which should appear as highlighted. What to do when you want to start numbering pages 3 – 6 of a Microsoft Word document in Microsoft Office? Click the Insert tab → Page Number tab → Edit and choose a page starting with page 3. Press F9 and confirm your changes by clicking OK. Click the Table Of Contents views and change margins to 1/2 for the first 3 pages of the document; and 1/2 for the last 3.

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