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Bates Numbering Machine Serial Numbers: What You Should Know

Bates numbering and numbering system Bates numbering and numbering system was introduced in the 1800s by Edwin G. Bates (), who invented the first modern machine that could stamp consecutively numbers or numbers in a repeated pattern. The number system evolved from the British system, where all the numbers from 1 to 999 were stamped. After a period of time, a new pattern with the first number of 1 or the last number of 999 appeared, followed by the first number of 1000 and the last number of 1000. The system remained relatively unchanged until the adoption of the American system in 1920. Bates Numbers System — New York Times In the 1920s, the International Union of Number ism (see below) suggested that the numbering system be adopted as standard in all government offices, and that it be standardized in all other areas of the economy. The International Union of Number ism — Wikipedia The Bates numbering system uses two numerals for each successive number and an associated mark, such as a cross, to mark the successive number. (See below for more information.) Bates numeral system, 1942: B, C, D, B, C, D, D, C, D 1953: B, B, A, D 1959: A, D, B 1842–1857: 1 1857–1958: 2 1958–1968: A 1968–present: 2B,A, D Bates numbering and a Bates Stamper — Wikipedia An electrical model of a Bates numbering machine with the word D (for double), A (for alternating number), and a number between the cross marks is shown on page 10 of Bates, Andrews & Mac nab (1991) In 1858, Edwin G. Bates became a patent clerk and inventor. He soon found that the Bates system helped to organize his business documents but lacked the precision needed to record the cost of a product. This led him to invent two improvements to the Bates marking system: the Bates Stamper, which would advance the number, and the Bates numbering machine, which would automatically advance the next number in the Bates numbering sequence. A Bates number machine is the combination of the Bates Stamper (electrical self-inking machine) with a Bates numbering machine (deterministic numbering machine).

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What is numbering machine?
Definition of numbering machine . a device for the rapid stamping or printing of usually consecutive numbers on successive pages, sheets, or discrete items.
What are Bates numbers legal?
A unique numeric or alphanumeric identifier attached to individual documents and pages to make each document and page easily identifiable and retrievable. Bates numbers are used in the legal, medical, and business fields.
How do you set numbers in numbering machine?
Set your Numbering Machine. Set the locking lever to the right to lock the handle in down position. Holding the machine bottom up with the ink pad facing you, rotate the numbering wheels with stylus in the direction from 0 to 9 until the desired number is centered in the impression area.
How do you reference Bates numbers?
But, consistent with The Bluebook, the first citation should make it very clear what is being referenced, such as (Bates Jones000001) or (Bates d123-002), and subsequent consecutive cites should follow the usual practice of Id. followed by the page number, such as (Id. 000017) or (Id. -017).
How do Bates numbers work?
Bates numbers offer a way to specifically identify each individual page of a production. Bates numbering 14 also known as Bates stamping or Bates labeling 14 is the process of assigning a unique, sequential identification number to each page, file, or image in a voluminous production.
Who invented the numbering machine?
The process known as bates numbering has long been the standard in the legal industry for document and page referencing. In the 1890s, Edwin G. Bates patented the Bates Automatic Numbering Machine.
How many numbers are in a Bates stamp?
While the original Bates stamps only used numbers (up to a maximum of 9999), there is no set format for Bates numbering. It may be purely numeric or alphanumeric.
What is the use of numbering machine?
An Automatic Numbering machine is a stamp used to mark reference numbers, serial numbers, dates or letters. They are used on documents, tickets, cards, etc. in Legal, Medical and Business fields. On factory production sites, they can be used on product parts, plates, circuit boards, etc.
How do you clean an automatic numbering machine?
Completely immerse the numbering machine unit for one to three hours in a glass or metal container filled with UNI NUMBERING LUBRICANT & CLEANER. Allow the ink particles to fall away from the machine by resting it on a wire mesh platform or other device. Occasional agitation will speed up the cleaning action.
What is a Bates Number legal?
A unique numeric or alphanumeric identifier attached to individual documents and pages to make each document and page easily identifiable and retrievable. Bates numbers are used in the legal, medical, and business fields.
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