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Bates Numbering Machine Value: What You Should Know

Bate's numbering system was used in the United Kingdom and also in Australia as a result of the introduction of paper money that was assigned numerical values. The British Royal Mail (Royal Mail) introduced an electronic paper Money Card and, as part of the process, a paper number was assigned. The Royal Mail also introduced the prefixes B and PM to represent a series of four numbers that represent the number of 'pounds' in a currency unit. The prefixes were not always used to denote the number of pounds' in the currency unit. The Bates numbering system is used in Australia and in the UK, and all these countries have their own variations: Australian Money and Royal Partners, British Royal Partners, Australian and British Partners and British and Australian Money. Bates numbering is also used in New Zealand where a similar numbering system of numbers with a prefix followed by a word or abbreviation is used, known as Post Code numbers. Some examples are: 598 in New Zealand, 6077 in the Philippines, 62858 in Germany and 63476 in the Netherlands. The UK's Royal Mail introduced electronic money cards in 2024 that include prefixes and can now have prefix or postcode numbers, and the Royal Mail now also has prefixes for money notes. Bates numbering in the UK consists of either the prefix prefixing the number to a prefix or prefixing the number with a postcode, and this system is also used in the Philippines and in Italy and Turkey. Many countries including the UK also use the prefix prefixing the number to a postcode or letter. Bates number — Wikipedia. Bates numbering machine: It is an ingenious machine originally designed by Thomas Bates but subsequently used by others. With a six-wheeled carriage, you can be almost on top of another person and counting their money. Or you can be at the bank, counting the money that someone has deposited. Bates Numbering Machine — eBay Bates number — eBay Bates Numbering Machine — Antique Outings “They used to use this machine for a bank job. It is a wonderful piece of machinery to count by. The fact that it only takes about 5 or 6 strokes per coin means that the machine is very accurate. For smaller denominations, I'd recommend a regular hand pen.

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