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What is the best way to edit and annotate PDF files saved from Mac OS X Preview on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 8?
PDF Reader s by Kdan Mobile is one of my favorites to use with the iOS platform. Editing and annotating with this particular reader is easy and the app also works well on both iPad and iPhone so switching from one device to another to continue working on the same file is a smooth process. You can also scan to PDF - it a great way to reduce paper clutter and have all your documents on the cloud for easy access. Here are some of the other tools available Markup Insert photos Add hypers Create forms Edit PDF pages Compress andbine PDFs Lock your documents Night mode Slideshow mode Overall this app is intuitive easy to use and a great way to take care of all your PDF editing needs. Disclaimer I am part of Kdan team and my answers might be a bit biased.
How superior is Linux compared to Windows and Mac?
I can tell you why I came back to Linux from Windows six months ago.n It runs so much faster. So much italic . Applications written for Linux distros are generally much cleaner faster and less slimy than Windows counterparts. For example when I used Windows I really struggled to find a free utility that would let me convert audio files from one format to another that wasn't italic bundled with adware. (Even if you opt out that slimy feeling lasts forever.) Even the free antivirus I used for years with Windows kept nagging me to download other (paid) software by the samepany. So slimy. And apparently this was one of the least italic slimy free antivirus programs too. I can accented letters without having to install a third-party program. I can hit the Print Screen button and have my screenshot saved to a file instead of just copying to my clipboard without having to install a third-party program. Having italic switched back here are some more things that helped me realise I was truly back homen On the rare occasion I boot back into Windows it is so slow . I cannot believe I put up with that before. For years. I even reinstalled Windows to get rid of the cruft and it was still slow. I greatly prefer package management in Linux than in Windows. The exact system varies from distro to distro but in Ubuntu-derived elementary OS I can pull on some central repositories of non-slimy software dependencies are automatically resolved updates are pushed through a centralised update manager and italic I can add third-party repositories for stuff I really really want that isn't in the central repos. Inparison Windows is basically the Wild West. I feel more in control of my system. It's more transparent and I can tinker with it to make my theme look cooler or whatever I want really. Pantheon just looks nicer than any edition of Windows. Other DEs like GNOME look nicer too in my opinion. I don't have that much experience with Macs. I've had to use them at uni and mostly they drive me crazy because I can't figure out the keyboard shortcuts and I always forget it uses global menus at the top of the screen... but that's the kind of thing I would probably get used to if I used them more often than one class a week. Mostly I find Macs unappealing because (it seems to me) you have to pay a premium for the privilege of being locked into an ecosystem. If you want to run OS X it almost has to be on Apple hardware. If you want an iPhone or iPad you're going to need some special overpriced Apple charging cables because those devices aren'tpatible with the standard MicroUSB ones. Apple even deliberately makes it difficult for people to manage their own iPods from Linux. If you like spending money and don't mind being locked in Apple's ecosystem might suit you well but I'd just rather not.
What are some "less known things" that Mac computers can do?
It can create a PDF from any PRINT dialog box. MailDrop Email attachments now have no limit 1 If an attachment is sent between macOS users is oversized then macOS uses iCloud to transfer it to the other Mac use seamlessly they will see the attachment in their email without realizing that it actual was transported by iCloud. 2 If an attachment is sent between a Mac user to a Windows or other user the the recipient will see a to iCloud where they can effortlessly download the attachment. 2 AirDrop transfers files between Macs iPhones and iPads effortlessly just click on the AirDrop icon in the Share button all the AirDrop users in range will appear just tap the person that you want to send that object to and it gets to them like super easy magic. Multiple Desktops Run Windows software natovely Run UNIX software natively Run Linux software natively Siri is on the Mac! Continuity Copy something on your Mac and then you can Paste on your iPhone and it will show up automatically 1 Unlock your Mac just by wearing your Apple Watch iCloud replaces DropBox Picture in Picture Video you are watching can be popped up into a picture in picture so you can do something else while the video is running 1 Time Machine for super simply hoy backups Bonjour printers just automatically show up no need to install them AirPrint allows printers to just show up (originally for iPhones it also works on Macs) iMessage Text messaging on your iPhone shows up on your Mac so you can continue the conversation seamlessly. Boot Camp allows you to install Microsoft Windows seamlessly Optimized Storage shows you where you are filling up your hard drive Tabs in Finder windows (desktop environment) Tabs in all apps (that use the macOS APIs) Built-in (effective) anti-virus anti-malware protection (continuously updated) Automatic location detection (sets time zone for you automatically when you travel) Split Screen and Full Screen modes Notes app is now a lot more like Evernote and has rich features Mute Tabs (tabs in Safari that play audio can be muted instantly without going to that tab) Shake the cursor to make it big (so you can find it on a busy screen) Dynamic Desktop automatically changes the desktop wallpaper to match the time of the day (more useful than it seems so you don't have a bright desktop glaring at you in the evening. News App This is the first iOS app that runs natively on macOS more toe (UIKit) Favicons in Safari tab bar Intelligent Tracking Protection in Safari Password Auditing in Safari (to help you avoid reusing the same password) Pin tabs in Safari (so the are always here locked in for rapid access) Group Facetime (up to 32 people at the same time) Editing images within QuickLook (no need to launch an app) Edit Screenshots without opening an app Settings for this website allowing you to customize Safari on a site by site basis Autofill two-factor authentication codes (for sites that send them to you)
What cool or useful skills can be learned in five minutes?
Not sure if this is the right place to answer but anyway I would give a try here since it wouldn take more than 5 minutes to learn came across these wonderful counsels from the book How to Win Friends & Influence People. n Six ways to make people like you italic 1. Be genuinely interested in other . Smile.. Remember a person's . Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about . Talk in terms of the other person's . Make the other person feel important - and do it sincerely.n n The twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking italic 1. The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid . Show respect for the other person's opinions. Never say You're wrong.. If you are wrong admit it quickly and . Begin in a friendly . Get the other person saying yes yes . Let the other person do a great deal of the . Let the other person feel that the idea is his or . Try honestly to see things from the other person's point of . Be sympathetic with the other person's ideas and . Appeal to the nobler . Dramatize your . Throw down a challenge.n n The nine ways to change people without arousing resentment italic 1. Begin with praise and honest . Call attention to people's mistakes indirectly.. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other . Ask questions instead of giving direct . Let the other person save . Praise the slightest improvement and praise every . Give the other person a fine reputation to live up . Use encouragement. Make the fault seem easy to . Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest.
What are some useful tech hacks for everyday use?
Universal Parcel Tracking is great for tracking any shipment with a parcel number. Use PC Part Picker s to help build aputer. It keeps track ofpatibility issues between parts lists the most up-to-date price for a majority of websites has amentary section for every part and also lists builds different parts have been used in. Love the Chrome (Chromium) browser but hate Google? Try Vivaldi s . Want a browser that is incognito all the time? Try Brave s for PC and DuckDuckGo s for your smartphone. Wikipedia provides sources for most of its articles near the bottom of the article. Every Wiki article on the internet has a History page & Discussion page including Wikipedia itself. The History page allows you to view every single change ever made to its particular Wiki article and the Discussion page is where youll see people discussing issues related to the article. Don want a particular webpage to get any kind of clicks or views? Or want to keep it archived in case the webpage is ever changed or removed? Forget using screenshots which can be easily manipulated or the Wayback Machine which has been not only known for deleting controversial snapshots but still sends viewer data and just try out s instead. (It also has a History feature allowing you to view different saved snapshots.) Use Outline s to get past Wall Street Journal paywalls. Use an app like Hiya s to block private numbers scams telemarketers etc. In File Explorer file extensions are hidden by default. To show them in Windows 1 at the top of the window youll want to click on View then youll see a box with File name extensions next to it. Click on that. (Prior to Windows 1 and even with Windows 1 you could do this by typing in Folder Options in the Start Menu go to View and unclick Hide extensions for known files.)
Between a Mac vs Asus, is the Mac really worth it?
Mac hardware is more reliable and robust than PC. We bought our daughter a PC laptop about three years ago that she needed for video conferencing with a friend on a secure line in Arizona. They did not have software for the Mac. However the PC was constantly locking up and needed constant patches fix to get working. Finally Mac and i-phone versions became available and the PC has not been turned on since. I use Power Cadd mac only for 22 years an AutoCad cannot evene close to matching the functionality or ease of use. Software for recording standard on Mac Garage Band works far superior to most PC software packages. My friend who recorded our CD a few years ago got tired of the PC Locking up and then having to start the software mix again. Pro Tools just works better on a Mac versus PC. I have been been making videos on my Mac since 2. I can still open videos from 17 years ago regardless of the operating system of software. PreSonus only recently was available for USB interface. Mac FireWire works flawlessly with my 24 track recording even into my seven year old I-mac. Mac is more intuitive and the mouse pad gestures work in any software. If I am on the Net and cannot read just take thumb and first finger and pinch to make smaller or spread to maker larger. Two fingers scroll up down left right. Tapping works for mouse clicking. I can draw anything with my finger on the mouse pad including the ice rink drawings for the US Naval Academy Annapolis Maryland and perhaps close to 1 drawings. We use my Cadd Software and I-webb to generate our seven page website for our Tanning Salon. Plus we were able to easily edit and update the website with a software called Fetch. These changes could be edited and uploaded in minutes. Plus I can take Cadd drawings in full color and convert into PDF and transmit across the Web. I can produce the drawings in photo quality images. Lots of luck with ACad. I am happy people use PC as I can underbid and over produce them and make more money.