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How can we stamp out the word “like”?
Well there like no real way to get rid of the word like. Like I know a lot of people like hate it and all but like some people say it as a nervous habit. Like because they have social anxiety. Or they use it like a transition. Like even to say they like something. Like I like the word like. Liking the word like is fun to like. Okay okay Im sorry. But really a lot of people use the word like for a ton of different reasons. It only really annoying when they say it constantly as is shown up above. I think we should just aim to start a conscious effort to say the word like less. If we do this it will eventually be more natural. Although you can bet people will eventually end up with a new word to say all the time.
How would you describe yourself in just one word?
Athletic Im a very athletic person and that probably the only thing I like about myself. I love trying out for new sports and since Im involved with a lot of them I never have time to do my homework which makes me stay up until 1 in the morning sometimes just to finish it. But doing all these sports also means me keeping up with my grades and that been really hard on me right now even though we're not doing anymore games. My coaches still need to check my grades to make sure Im still able to play when this whole thing blows over. Also since you guys know how much I love Football Im going to be signing up for it in High School and Ill be the first girl since 1996. My High School got to the Championship in 1996 because of that one girl but after her? They never got to go to the Championship again. Now if I try out for Football practice would be everyday. I would have to figure out how to put after school Football practice into my schedule since it packed already Monday 33645 I have Martial Arts and FootballnTuesday 437 I have SwimnWednesday 3373 I have Tennis and GolfnThursday 33845 I have Basketball and SwimnFriday 4363 I have SoccernSaturday 933123 I have Trackbined with CrossnSunday 1233 Lacrosse If I quit Martial Arts my master will be mad because Ive been a 3rd degree black belt for a year and testing wasing up but then we had this CoVid so I couldn do it. But I could be able to make Swim Practice so I might be able to make it to swim. But Tennis and Golf would be harder for me even though the Golf and Tennis area is almost near my school but it would still be bad enough. Soccer would be find I suppose if I just hurry up and change into my jersey really fast. But for Saturday and Sunday I don need to change anything. So yea. This is my one word on how I describe myself -MB
Can you state the meaning of life in one word?
Q Can you answer the meaning of life in one word? There is one world that serves as the cornerstone in everyone life. You me and every other beautiful soul who has ever been graced with the wonderful gift of life is subject to this word. It provides a universal purpose and meaning for your existence and can only be experienced first hand. It cannot be taken purchased borrowed taught or learned. It can only be offered italic and solely by personal choice. This word has the unique ability to take you to the highest levels of fame and fortune or strip you of all that you have achieved in a single moment. It can bring about the greatest of joys or the deepest of sorrows and do so in equal measure. It what separates the mediocre from the masterful the sinner from the saint and the coward from the courageous. It paradoxically takes away what you value most so that you can discover what is of the most value. All other desirable elements of life humbly bow down before it as none of these can be achieved or experienced without first paying homage to this great and powerful word. It is not detectable by science it cannot be mathematically proven and possesses the amazing ability to defy all forms of logic and reason whenever this word is brought into play. This word is Love victory success dedication harmony procreation peace loyalty perseverance ambition achievement fame fortune spirituality discovery and everything else which is considered valuable italic in your life cannot be known without first knowing sacrifice. Anyone tasked with navigating their family through the many storms of life will find the word sacrifice deeply carved in the cornerstone of their family foundation for generations toe. Those who be master artists virtuoso musicians graceful dancers and eloquent writers have all sacrificed other extremely important aspects of their lives in order to make it happen. The many who have embarked on a journey for ened knowledge space exploration and scientific discovery have all been forced to make painful sacrifices along the way. Every professional football player playing in a Super Bowl suffered years of physical and mental sacrifice before that winning touchdown pass is miraculously caught in the end zone during the final seconds of the game. The highest perceptual understanding of sacrifice is found within the Christian faith where the Creator of all life offers himself as a personal sacrifice in order to reach the rebellious free-willed minds of those to which he has created. This unique level of sacrifice stands as the metaphysical gatekeeper between an infinite state of unimaginable love and an endless cycle of mournful despair for all who understand the meaning behind what took place. John 316 (KJV) s Even within our own empirically-based earthly reality we willingly offer ourselves as a personal sacrifice for the ones we love so that they can continue to live after we are gone. Our history books and news websites are chocked full of those who offered themselves as a sacrifice for the sake of others. John 1513 (KJV) s However sacrifice is not without its own consequences. Just as sacrifice can bring wonderful things into your life that you never believed possible it can also lay your soul to waste and bring about a myriad of horrors when executed for the wrong reasons. Whereas one man might sacrifice his personal goals his own ambition and all lustful earthly desires for the sake of his family another will sacrifice his family and all who love him for a brief moment of sensual pleasure an easier way of life or a bigger slice of the pie. Your daily news feed constantly streams stories of those who have sacrificed everyone they have ever loved and everything they might have been for a cheap selfish pleasure shamefully delivered by way of a needle and spoon. It is a sad reality that our world is also filled with those who would sacrifice everything that life has to offer even their very soul for a fleeting moment of shameful self-gratification. s Whether it be the most wonderful experiences that life has to offer or the most excruciatingly painful elements of existence you will find sacrifice at the center of it all. I have sacrificed many valuable things in my life and have done so for various reasons. Many times these sacrifices were made to discover the very best of what life has to offer. Other times it was to satisfy my own selfish desires because I didn have the level of character necessary to know the difference. In the case of this Quora answer I sacrificed a great deal of time and energy on a warm and sunny Saturday morning in order to make these words available for you to read. There are countless other life experiences that I could have chosen over crafting this response but this is that path I chose these are the words I have written and this the sacrifice I have made. Whether or not my sacrifice will deemed worthy is not known. Only time will tell.
Can you define "love" in one word?
Forgiveness. I had read somewhere years ago not in some poetry or novel but in a passing blog post that - when the anger the expectations thets the disappointment and every bit of hope that continued to hold you back - when all of that has subsided and you still feel a lot of fondness that is when you know you have truly loved. So I guess in the end the metric for love bes how gracefully you let go and wished the other well even when you're not going to be a part of their life. I used to be in a relationship which didn't last very long and the time it did it wasn't very pleasant. It was the kind of whirlwind romance that seemed straight out of a Woody Allen movie - the kind that takes a lot of time to sink in when it happens in real life. We had a lot ofmon interests and it was like being high on drugs. It was an all-consuming experience but just like Woody Allen movies it didn't last. We were so over the moon having found each other that we hardly took time to hold ourselves back and assess howpatible we would be in the long run. Soon we discovered that we were basically two very different people in terms of what we wanted to do or achieve in life. It did get ugly in the end as there were a few lies hed from his end which he probably came up with in order to justify his reasons for leaving me. Needless to say I was infuriated and hed whatever curses came to my mind and even threatened to malign him in front of his friends. Thankfully I could keep myself from doing any of that. But quite expectedly there were those alternating phases of feeling lonely and blaming yourself for making things ugly and feeling assured that you did the right thing by holding your ground and your dignity. But still there was some remnant of hope and perhaps it was this hope that made things even uglier when I found him going out with someone else soon after we broke up. I remember withdrawing myself from my social circle and staying holed up in my room crying and refusing to meet people losing my appetitepletely messing up my biological cycle staying up online till late talking to friends I hardly talked to embarking on superhero movie marathons enrolling in tap dance classes taking solo trips participating in photography contests like my life depended on them and walking for miles everyday looking at the world pass by. Somehow that was extremely cathartic watching how a million things get messed up everyday and yet everything goes on as if nothing ever happened and it's all a part of the plan. All this made my plight seem really tiny and I was gradually able to forgive him. He called me up a few months later to wish me on my birthday and I couldn't be happier that we parted ways. I wished him well told him that he ought to work on his passion instead of being stuck in a 9-to-5 job forever and that I'd be glad to help him whichever way I can. That's the last time we talked and it's been years since then. When I look back now I feel nothing but a lot of fondness towards him for making me feel loved at some point of time in life no matter how fleeting that was. Forgiving him was the best feeling ever though it was incredibly difficult. Selfishness revenge and indulging in mutual mud-slinging might feel good for a while but that's the thing about instant gratification. It doesn't last.
Does Instacart accept food stamps?
No. The services and fees associated with delivery are not eligible food stamp expenses and Instacart only accepts cash (credit card) as payment. Similarly if you pay for your groceries with food stamps and then the bag boy helicopter carries your groceries to your car you can't say take $3 off my food stamps for your trouble. In fact it's only recently that food stamps (here in Texas there's WIC and Lone Star Card) has allowed the purchase of SOME prepared foods. Before you couldn't even get those (like say a prepared salad wouldn't have been eligible but lettuce spinach cranberries raspberry vinaigrette cheese and walnuts all bought separately would have been an ok purchase. Instacart will use your Costco membership at checkout if you provide your costco account number on your order but that's the only customer card we use. We pay for the groceries with Instacart's money and you pay instacart for the order and they recoup that money.
Can you travel to qatar without visa stamp in passport?
Yes you can travel to qatar without qatar visa stamp on the passport. Once you reached the immigration inside the airport the immigration officer will check in the system if you have valid visa everything works online here in Qatar. After verifying they will ask you to look at camera then will put a visa number sticker to your passport that look like this
What is the definition of success?
Here I'm not going to tell you directly what's the definition of success. You have to have patience and this answer is gonna show you that if really looking for definition of success you have read it upto the end. All the Best Success Stories Often Begin With Big Failures italic Long before the iPhone made him the god of gadgets Steve Jobs launched his tech career by hacking land lines to make free long-distance calls. Bob Dylan band the Golden Chords lost a high-school talentpetition to a tap dancing act. Behind every success story is an embarrassing first effort a stumble a setback or a radical change of direction italic . When you see someone who very successful you almost imagine that it was a foregone conclusion that theyre a genius that they were destined for great things. I think the big takeaway is failure and setbacks far from being umon are in many ways essential. A prodigy rock climber by age eight he had scaled the face of the 11627-foot Mount Temple in the Canadian Rockies and by 17 he was acknowledged to be one of the best climbers in the United States. In January 1982 after having ascended a difficult technical ice route in Huntington Ravine on Mount Washington in New Hampshire Herr and a fellow climber Jeff Batzer were caught in a blizzard and became disoriented ultimately descending into the Great Gulf where they passed three nights in u221229 ubC degree temperatures. By the time they were rescued the climbers had suffered severe frostbite. Both of Herr legs had to be amputated below the knees; hispanion lost his lower left leg the toes on his right foot and the fingers on his right hand. While a postdoctoral fellow at MIT in biomedical devices he began working on advanced leg prostheses and orthoses devices that emulate the functionality of the human leg. Using specialized prostheses that he designed he created prosthetic feet with high toe stiffness that made it possible to stand on small rock edges the of a coin and titanium-spiked feet that assisted him in ascending steep ice walls. He used these prostheses to alter his to avoid awkward body positions and to grab the hand and foot holds previously out of reach. His could range from five to eight feet. As a result of using the prostheses Herr climbed at a more advanced level than he had before the accident making him the first person with a major amputation to perform in a sport on par with elite-level able-bodied persons. Steven Spielberg wanted to study film at the University of Southern California. However he was rejected due to his C grade average. He applied for the second time but got rejected again. Overall he applied to USC three times- but was rejected all three times. He then applied and was admitted to California State University Long Beach where he majored in English. While still a student he was offered a small unpaid intern job at Universal Studios with the editing department. He was later given the opportunity to make a short film for theatrical release the 26-minute 35mm Amblin which he wrote and directed. Studio vice president Sidney Sheinberg was impressed by the film which had won a number of awards and offered him a seven-year directing contract. It made him the youngest director ever to be signed for a long-term deal with a major Hollywood studio. Today he is a very successful film-maker and is known for his movies Jaws Jurassic Park Schindler List Catch Me If You Can etc. He has directed 27 movies over four decades has won 3 Oscars including two for Best Director. The gross of all Spielberg-directed films is said to exceed $8.5 billion worldwide. His personal net worth is estimated to be more than $3 billion. Imagine the kind of films we would have lost out on had he decided to give up on film-making altogether after being rejected thrice. Success is less a matter of innate talent and more the product of perseverance a willingness to stumble and stand up again and again . You kind of assume that great geniuses are like Mozart But few successful people were child prodigies and prodigies don necessarily find success. Most people don stick to it. Thank you for reading. FYI it's a my first answer on quora If you haven't met me. Hi I'm Yash Aherrao user 21789848 . Happy Reading.
How can I become fluent in English?
There is a key strategy you have to use no matter which or how many of the aforementioned or other suggestions you do or don't use You absolutely must record yourself. italic The way we sound in our heads while we are speaking is not the same as they way we sound to about how you have felt when you heard yourself on your outbound message for your voicemail or answering machine. It doesn't sound like you right? So you have to record it in order to be able to analyze it objectively and accurately. Plus you can share it with someone else and ask their opinion of what you sound like and then youre both listening to the exact same thing which makes for a much more useful assessment and conversation. Then there are three essential steps you need to take if you want to get the greatest results italic from the least amount of time italic and effortn n1. When you are going to record yourself plan italic what you are going to say and write it down. You can script it outpletely or just jot down some keywords. But the fact is that it really difficult to focus simultaneously on what italic you want to say and how italic you want to sound when you say it and you simply can focus on the how italic until you already know the what. italic Of course you can always practice recording multiple times but itll be a lot more efficient if you take just a few minutes to make a few notes for yourself first. 2. More importantly you need to plan the strategies italic you are going to use. Are you going to work on your word-stress? Rhythm? th- sound? Explicitly identify your speaking goals. Write them down too so you remember exactly what you wanted to aplish. 3. Then after you record it practice active listening italic strategies as you analyze what youve said. Go back to the goals you wrote down a moment ago and use them as apass to ge you as you listen. If your goal was to work on speed and pacing then don let yourself focus on anything but that etc. and note down words or phrases that successfully reflect that change or others that didn so you can figure out why not and how you want to modify that part the next time. You can go back later and listen more holistically to your message the number of times you said um and anything else you notice that may need improvement. But otherwise stay focused! Good luck!