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Bates Stamp Prefix: What You Should Know

In addition, the prefix 001 is used for any pages that were not part of the original  case file. The prefix “A” is not used when a page is part of a case file. When in doubt, it is better to use the more common “1” prefix for case files. What's up with the Bates Stamping Method? — ParalegalsBlog Bates numbering is a method of assigning numbers to pages of legal or business documents. Each page has a reference number called a Bates number, which contains a six-digit prefix and a six-digit suffix. Using Bates numbering, you can identify all the pages on a paper or document at once rather than having to separate them manually by a number. This means that the number will be used to search through the paper for a specific text or section of text. Each document page and the pages associated with it can have a different Bates number. Bates, the “Numbering Method,” was invented by J. F. Stahl in 1884 (in his book “Bates”). Stahl was a professor of mathematics at Yale University. He used Stahl's method for determining page numbers in books, but didn't use it for printing papers because it could be time-consuming to manually track down all the page numbers, and this could be difficult if you were on deadline. Bates number — Yale University Department of Mathematics Bates numbering — Wikipedia Bates numbering is a way of generating a unique index to organize electronic data in the field of scientific and technical publication. Bates numbering 101: History, Usage and Tutorial — Investintech Bates numbering is a method of sequentially numbering pages with a reference number. A hand-operated Bates numbering device is used to stamp a number on a  page. The second part denotes that no Bates numbers were used. In addition, the prefixes “A”, “1”, and “2” are used for any pages that were not part of the original file. If a book is divided into chapters, the book is divided into sections based on its Bates number (the number of pages in the section). Why does Bates number work? Bates numbers also work if there are multiple versions of the same information (like electronic documents that are stored in different files).

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