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I love to save money and I'm sure you do too what if you could earn cash back on your online purchases you're shopping as usual you're just hitting one extra button I will show you up hi I'm Nicole and I've earned over $2,000 in cash Matthews in Rakatan formerly known as Ebates I've been using it for about four years it's super easy and we'll go through step-by-step tutorial to show you how to set it up it really just takes a couple of minutes we'll go through I'm gonna show you my dashboard show you but you might have earned back what it is on certain different purchases and you'll totally understand how it works I'll also show you a sneaky way to earn cashback on products that never seem to go on sale so watch lands it gets fat by the way this video is not sponsored I'm just a huge fan of Rakatan because I use it on everything from travel to makeup to clothing to you know stuff for the house you can use it all over the place so I just wanted to share also everyone who signs up for a kitchen does get a code and if someone uses your code they get ten extra dollars for their very first purchase using Rakatan and then you get I forgot it it berries no $10 $15 $20 doing at that point so I doing one of those I'll put it down below but if you have a friend or someone else who has when you get honestly who's there's two but do use somebody's code so that you get the extra $10 in your first big fat check that's what they call it when they send you your money every quarter they can put in your PayPal account or they will send you an actual physical check let's dive into my computer now show you exactly how it works I mean honestly when you see this you'll be wishing you had started earlier I always do they've been around for so so long I can't believe it only started four years ago this is the rakatans site you can certainly start here but there's also a really cool trick I'll show you where you can install something in chrome bar where you don't ever even have to go here unless you want to check out your big fat check balance mine right now for August is going to be a hundred and seventy eight dollars and twelve cents at this point unless I buy something else and add to my big fat check stash so you can see recently I've purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond I'm getting three dollars and 13 cents back Expedia for twenty three dollars and ninety cents and Sephora for a dollar 87 my lifetime cashback is two thousand thirty seven dollars and that's over four years so about five hundred dollars a year on.