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Free Online Bates Numbering: What You Should Know

Step 2: Select the Bates number from the menu to be applied to the document. Step 3: Apply the Bates number by tapping the ‥ button and then the † button once the number is assigned to the document. Step 4: Add the original document to your PDF collection. Additional Notes : The number of pages in the document does not have to match the specified size. The amount is chosen based on the number of signatures on the document in cases where it is a letter file.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing free online bates numbering


Why do people judge low income families for wanting more children?
They do not judge low-ie families for wanting more children if they are willing and able to provide for them. They are unhappy when low-ie families have more children when they cannot afford to care for the ones that they already have. I am from the United Kingdom and here we have a slightly more generous welfare state than other parts of the world. Prior to 217 you could claim child benefits child tax credits as well as get reductions on council tax and housing benefits. This was worked out per child and the more children you had often the more money that you were able to claim. In 217 this changed to only include 2 children per household. This means that parents can only rely on the state to provide child tax credits and housing benefit for up to two children (child benefit and council tax reduction is unchanged. This rule applies to any child born after April 6th 217. Any children born before this date are exempt from the rule. There are also other exceptions to the rule in order to cover rape and multiple births. This was implemented by the UK government in power at the time - the Conservatives. They are the political party that is more to the right of the political spectrum Many of their voters took issue with the benefits system in place for multiple children and wanted a fairer system. To use a case study Marie Buchan a single mother who had 8 children who ranged in age of 12 years to 6 months at the time of her infamy. Marie was dubbed the Welfare Queen in the British media as she received ua326 a year while being unemployed. Now take into account that this was at the time the average wage per year of full-time employment in the UK before tax. It is understandable that people would take issue that they have to work for their wage while there is someone who is getting the same amount of money due to choosing to have a large number of children. Furthermore this same lady whoed about getting capped at ua326 has also publicly admitted on national television that living on benefits was very easy. You obviously have a baby you send off the application form birth certificate they assess it and then youve got your money in your account. It is very easy. Now this is not the reality for all large families. There is another large family in Britain known as the Radford family. They only claim child tax credits ( that every parent of a child in the UK is entitled to regardless of wage). The family have 21 children who range from 3 to a few months old. They however work hard to budget and provide for their children. The father Noel owns his own business and is able to provide for each of his children. They do not get judged as they are not expecting the state to provide for any of their children. The key distinction here is financial responsibility for your children. I am a big believer that although every person has rights those rights alsoe with responsibility. People have the right to have children however they should be financially responsible for those children and able to provide for them. The government can sometimes assist with this but should not have to assist in the cases where people choose to have as many kids as possible in order to maximise the amount of free money. Remember that money is never free and has toe from somewhere. The money that was initially allocated for people who made the choice to have lots of children even though they knew they were not financially able to do so could have been better allocated to other resources. Essentially it is tax payer money that is being spent in order to fund someone else's lifestyle choice. If you are a lower ie family who can afford to have more children and still be able to effectively care for them without the financial assistance of the state then have all the children you like. Having more children because you want to and expecting the state and by extension taxpayers to pick up the bill is wrong. - Day 2
How is in-person teaching going during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Great! The private school where I teach has been open for one month now. Weve taken every precaution necessary AND given parents the option of sticking with online learning instead. About 5% of parents took that option. About an equal number of new students joined our school in the week before we opened after the public schools announced that they would be doing all-online learning until November at least. Among the precautions were taking Everyone in the building wears face masks all day. A lot of students have personalized ones. So do I. It interesting seeing their personalities reflected in their face mask choices. Students stay at one desk all day and the teachers switch classes. Students are free to stand up and stretch whenever they want to. I gave all of my students big totes to keep by their desks for all of their stuff so they don have to walk across the room to go to their lockers during the day. Teachers switching classes saves A LOT of time. Were all farther ahead in our plans this year than weve ever been before because we don lose 531 minutes per class switch with students shuffling around and settling down. They stand and stretch as the teachers move from room to room then sit down and get ready to listen to the new teacher. Transitions now take 2 minutes max. That extra 338 minutes of class time per class per day really adds up. This is what I will miss most about all of this once this pandemic is over. Students eat lunch at their desk too. That the only time they take off their masks inside. Since their masks are off they have to face the front and can chat with each other. So we just watch movies during lunch. Im getting my money worth out of my Disney+ account. So. Much. Hand Sanitizing. I added it up once and students have to sanitize their hands a minimum of 12 times each day. Before walking into the building whenever they walk into a classroom before taking off their masks after putting their masks back on etc They all just carry around their own hand sanitizer with them at all times although there plenty more everywhere supplied by the school. They know when to use them now. Students have their temperatures taken in the morning (before their parents leave) and at lunch (in case their parents tried to give them Tylenol so they pass the first temp check in the morning). I do the lunch temp check for my students. We make a game of it now to see who gets the high score for the day. If a student has any COVID symptoms which is pretty much anything out of the ordinary really they and their siblings have to stay home until cleared by a doctor. Parents have been VERY good with this. They more than anyone else want to get this right so the school doesn go back to distance learning only. Those students who do have to stay home for a few days because they have a cold or allergies or whatever just join the students whose parents opted for online-only learning. We teachers put everyone online anyway. I usually record my lesson live for my first class and use that for my online learners. To be honest though Ive been putting everyone on Google Classroom for years now anyway for this exact reason so kids who are absent don hassle me for what they missed. I just tell them to check Google Classroom. Overall after the first week or so of getting used to all of the changes they became the new normal and everything is routine now. Were all enjoying ourselves students and teachers alike.
What was the most useful coupon(s) that you have used to get a great dinner deal and how much was it for?
Here something useful I learned when I worked retail A well-writtent letter to the corporate office of a chain store will usually result in coupons for free stuff for you. That how I got a free meal from Chipotle. Two free meals actually. Ied that I kept doing online orders setting the pick-up time and when I arrived at that time they hadn even started making my order. This was a problem because I sometimes leave my children in my van (without the keys on cool days of course) while I went in to grab the pre-paid order. Literally it should only take 3 seconds to go in identify myself and be handed my order. But instead I go in identify myself and they pull a receipt with my name on it and only then start making the order. So Ied to the corporate office. (Most big chain websites have a just for this.) As long as yourt is legit specific (know the store number) and polite youll usually get an apology letter with some coupons for free stuff from the store.
Are conservatives right when they say the old days were better?
In some respects it probably was better for people like them and many of them want the positive aspects of their grandparents lives without the negative larger societal aspects of the time. When I talk to conservatives like me they often yearn for the way things were in the past. These are all things Ive heard people talk about they wish they had in their lives the way it was in their grandparents time factory jobs jobs that don require a college degree cheaper college for people who want to go single-ie-earner households that lived a middle-class lifestyle marriages that lasted and existed before children were brought into the mix one spouse whose sole job was taking care of all things domestic in the relationship America that was seen as the leader of the free world without so much criticism from all over the globe slower-paced lifestyle less crowded suburbs urban sprawl at least one relative who still worked on a farm that you could visit strongermunities interaction between neighbors When liberals read that list this is what they see fewer dark-skinned people segregation women being kept in the home no LGBT+ rights That because many liberals can look past identity politics anymore. They can un-indoctrinate themselves from that. Every single aspect of society must be looked at through the demographic lens to them. Ive never heard a single conservative yearn for a return to the negative aspects of life in the 195s and earlier. That is conservatives I actually know in real life. Im sure someone in thements is going to to a video of some white supremacist who wants a return to segregation and claim that that person is a conservative. Go for itmenters. If you look hard enough you can find anything online. Some liberals might also read my first list and think that a return of the union enrollment numbers and high ie tax brackets of that time period would make a lot of conservative dreamse . And they be right about that to some degree. But then they hit the modern conservative distrust of the federal government motives and abilities to get anything right. If conservatives believed that a return to Eisenhower-era ie tax brackets would lead to a return to Eisenhower-era family structures and a factory-based economy conservatives would jump in feet-first. But they don. The 6+ years between then and now are full of examples of the federal government mis-managing so much of the money they take from us that any even modest tax increase will be fought by most conservatives. It possible to be nostalgic for the old days daydream about how nice it would be to return to them but also know that it over. It noting back.
How important it is to have same political ideology with your fiancee?
It depends upon how important politics are to you. For some their political values are extremely important. They are the lens through which they see the world. Those values have for them as Habib Fanny user 2498756 alludes to risen to the same level as religion for some people. But not for everyone. A lot of people don really pay attention to politics at all (around 4% of all eligible voters don bother to vote in the average presidential election that number is even higher in off-year elections) or they treat politics like they treat any other casual fandom theyre in. Im a Bears fan into Star Trek and a Republican. italic For people like that asking them to put aside their political beliefs for the sake of a harmonious relationship isn that difficult. It like a Bears fan dating a Packers fan. You can even have fun with it if you realize the difference between being into something and being passionate about something. My wife and I are like that. Im on the right side of the political spectrum and she on the left. We watch presidential debates State of the Union addresses and Election Night coverage with the same level of interest as we would a football game between our preferred two teamsplete with drinks and snacks and once we even had pom-poms. If there were jerseys for political teams we buy them. I just realized that we should do face paint next time. Red and blue Then it over and we move on with our life together. It was a fun thing to give each other a fake-hard time over for a few hours. She knows I write about politics. It annoys her a little not that Im writing about politics but that I spend so much time doing it sometimes at the expense of time I could be doing other things. It just a hobby of mine that all. A free hobby it the best kind. I remind her of that sometimes. You know I could be into a lot more expensive time-consuming things too. Keying out a few thoughts on politics online is probably the most benign hobby a married guy can have. italic This next part is going to sound patronizing but I don mean it that way. Im being sincere. I worry sometimes about people I know in real life who are way too passionate about their political views. Some of my former students and neighbors whose entire demeanors seemed to change after the 216 election. Theyve only seemed to get more depressed since. (Im sure there are people who let the results of the 28 election do the same thing to them both sides have people like this.) But for the people I have in mind I honestly worry about their mental well being should the 22 election result in another Trump victory perhaps even with the popular vote this time. They seem to have so much of their personal feelings tied up in the political divide and it not good for them. I hope that no matter what happens in the next election they can direct some of that passion into less-stressful pursuits.
Why is it difficult for schools to have a stable team of teachers?
It not difficult to have a stable team of teachers in many school districts. It extremely difficult to have a stable team of teachers in some school districts. The term for that is teacher retention. You should be able to find online the teacher retention rates for any public school district. Do a little research andpare a district teacher retention rate to the number of students in the district who get free or reduced lunches and youll see the correlation. And it not necessarily because the teachers aren paid enough. Here in Illinois Chicago Public School teachers are the highest paid in the state second highest paid in the nation. Yet they have one of the worst teacher retention rates but not at every school just at the schools whose studentse from the most impoverished neighborhoods in the city. A teaching position at a Chicago Public School whose studentse from the more affluent areas of the city is a coveted thing usually only given up for retirement reasons rarely for found a better position reasons. Why do so many teachers shy away from teaching in schools with high student poverty levels? There are a lot of reasons including They (the teachers) don live in those neighborhoods and people like to work close to where they live. Safety. It entirely possible that the teachers are the wealthiest people that the students know and that can create socio-economic conflict. Safety 2. just getting to and from some of those schools is dangerous particularly in the winter when it may be dark for both the morning and eveningmute. Not enough time to teach much time spent handling non-teaching issues. Racism and sexism towards the teachers. The majority of teachers are white women. The majority of impoverished students in Chicago are minorities. Every single female former CPS teacher Ive worked with over the years hased about being harassed by students. Impossible goals. Principals are under pressure to get students to perform at grade level on standardized tests. Teachers are often thrown under the bus when the students fail to get to grade level goals even if there was really nothing more the teacher could have done. Here an interesting article about how Chicago Mayor Lightfoot plans on dealing with the shortage of people willing to work for CPS s s
Have you ever seen code so bad it made you laugh?
This is so embarrassing but my bad code story involves a terrible coder called Me. In 1994397 I was doing a lot of work creating training and How-To CD-ROMs using Macromedia Director topic tid 2231576 . Stop laughing! I was pretty good at this and eventually built some sophisticated-at-the-time projects that used the programming language in Director to do a couple neat tricks. Yes I was fluent in LINGO. Stop laughing! Im telling a story!!! I had been working for a tiny multimediapany in Bingame (south of San Francisco) and an in-box CD-ROM we did for HP got the attention of the CD at CNET Networks and they hired me as Director of Multimedia. Employee #31. Loved those low-exercise price stock options! My first task after hiring a team of four people was to build a promotional and help tool in Director for a new search service CNET was about to launch called Snap! The idea was that Snap! was going to take down AOL and be the middle-America online portal that everyone parents would use. We were going to build a CD-ROM that would teach old people what an Internet was. So we got to work. I had never managed a team before. I had never hired anyone for a realpany with real jobs now I was doing this at a publicly-traded peak-dot era corporation. The three people I hired were specialists in audio (we narrated the whole thing) video (for the tutorials) and art direction (for uh art.) I didn hire anyone whose expertise and focus involved Macromedia Director or the creation of consumer software using Director. Or anyone who was a LINGO pro. Two of the new hires knew their way around Director but neither knew LINGO. Guess what? I decided Ill do all the LINGO coding! I can do that! Okay you can laugh for a little while. Ill wait. So we were banging away on this goofy How to find a web page with Snap! designing stuff recording VO and all that. I was using the spare time I had in my 16-hour days to write the LINGO that would trigger audio control buttons preload assets all that. If Im charitable to myself I can describe the coding as jazz-inspired. Or maybe Comment-averse. Who needs naming conventions for variables? Not me! Who organizes subroutines by function and using consistent coding structures? Not this guy! So here where it gets real Remember the part where I told you this was my first big job at a bigpany? And the big techpany was CNET? About a third of the employees were engineers developers and back-end folks in the Technology Division. These were serious profession real people. The guy who led Technology Jonathan Rosenberg invented PRISM. This was the first Content Management System that was being used on a major website with serious traffic. It eventually was merged into a new product called Vignette which almost anyone who has published online content is familiar with. I didn work for Technology. I worked for Creative Services. They hated Creative Services because we were a bunch of punks freaking out over 1 pixel border decisions. We resented Technology because they always wanted us to document stuff define new products in detail and other stupid things that are essential to effective product development. When I was hired nobody told Rosenberg or Technology that (a) I was building the CD-ROM with my own team under Creative Services or (b) that the CD-ROM relied on a large amount of quasi-code of dubious quality (not knocking LINGO). This created a gigantic scandal Rosenberg and Technology clearly owned the back-end and coding of anything CNET did and Creative Services was halfway through creating the CD-ROM by the time they were told about it. I just kept coding. Then the emails starteding Technology wanted a copy of my SRS and Requirements Specs. They also wanted to see my bug report database deliverables timeline functional requirements doc my QA plan validation standards Data Structures reference basically the SRD that ensures the product is fully defined testable organized and bug-free. I had none of these. Bug reporting was a mix of someone telling me The sound isn playing; Post-It Notes surrounding my monitor; and the master bug list was in my head Remember to fix that thing where there no video when the mouse moves. My deliverables timeline was finish this in four months. My functional requirement was please don crash. And the data was structured like the shelves of a Sears store haphazardly sloppy random and without any forethought. I kept promising them I send it as soon as I got through a serious deadline. When I didn a more senior person from Technology started emailing and calling. Some VP told me to do a code drop by the end of the day. He was not happy. I knew what my code looked like. It was miserable. One of the Technology guys forwarded me a set of the docs they recently used and included were several pages of coding standards (down to the number of asterisksment blocks needed). I looked at the neat robustlymented and intuitive naming convention scheme I was totally screwed. I missed the code drop. The SVP of Creative Services (the wonderful Cotton Coulson) called me I was going to get a call from the #3 guy in thepany and I needed to do whatever he told me to do. The CEO was involved and most of the executive team was discussing the CD-ROM problem. Do not screw around. That when Jonathan Rosenberg name appeared on my work phone display as it rang. I was bracing for hell to rain down because I heard from about 2 people that he didn mess around. Technology always met deadlines. They never missed a deliverable. I am eternally grateful that Rosenberg didn destroy me which he could have and frankly was something I deserved. He was very courteous and within a couple minutes Im sure he heard the fear in my voice the sound of someone who screwed up and was panicking. Maybe it was clear that I was covered in flop-sweat. I took the cue and did what I easily could have (and should have) done weeks earlier before the entirepany was monitoring my crisis and introducing myself as What An Idiot in my first big break job. I told him that I was sorry. I laid out the whole mess I was used to working on my own and didn realize that I was stepping on the toes of his team and the mission of his division. My code was a mess and I had no documentation. I told him the whole truth and didn even try to put anything in a good light. Rosenberg thanked me for exing everything and told me that he understood where we were and how we got there. The important thing now was our plan to fix it was I ready to sit down with his people and build an action plan? Could he count on me to make sure Technology had what they needed to do their job? Yes. Yes yes. Thank you. Yes. Ill stay all night if you want. No he said. Get a good night sleep. Be in the executive conference room at 8am sharp the next day and bring everything. The room was reserved for the day and lunch would be brought in. Dinner if we needed it. That was so cool of him and it changed something in me I was among professionals now and this was the real deal. I decided to step up and never screw up again. I been given a free pass that I hadn earned. Time to step up. horizontal-rule Full disclosure My vow to never screw up again was aspirational not a matter of fact. But Ive sure screwed up a lot less and with more awareness since this happened.
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