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Rennie Glen Software: What You Should Know

RONNIE GLEN SOFTWARE, LLC. COMPANY STATEMENT, 2014 Ronnie Glen Software, LLC is based out of Mountain View, Ca. Ronnie Glen Software LLC is an electronic document management company providing high quality, easy-to-use software to slice and dice electronic documents. Ronnie Glen Software provides software for business, personal and government users with ease of use and no fuss. We focus on a single product — our software that converts documents from PDF format to Microsoft Word. We've done the conversion from PDF to Sword. Furthermore, we do have a product that does the conversion from MS Word format back to PDF format, but it's not available for download. For more information about our PDF Conversion Services please contact us. We are located at 2645 California St, Mountain View, CA 94040. Ronnie Glen Software is licensed to provide the service of PDF Conversion. This requires an annual license fee to be paid to Ronnie Glen Software in advance of using our services. Additional fee for each conversion is required to be paid once the conversion is completed. You will be charged for this service at the time that you complete your order. The fee covers the costs of the software and the printing of each conversion order. Ronnie Glen Software is not affiliated nor authorized by any other vendor or company that is authorized to sell PDF conversion services. This includes but is not limited to, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Incorporated E-mail Us at Please be sure to include your full name. Ronnie Glen Software is committed to the privacy of our users and will never pass your personal information, credit or debit card data, or any other personal information on to any outside parties. We only use the information we collect to fulfill your order, to process your order, and to manage your order information. We will never sell, rent, lease, share or otherwise distribute the information we collect for commercial purposes.

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