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How Do I Start Page Numbers On A Specific Page In Word: What You Should Know

The first  tab contains a list that specifies the order of pages within the document. The second  tab specifies page numbering and is divided into 2 panels. The third tab contains the  Pages page formatting tools. Note: In Word, you do not need to insert page numbers on any of the first few lines or paragraphs. Pages (like all  Office applications) automatically sets up page numbers as you create them. How to start page numbering from an in-page hyperlink How to start page numbering from an in-page hyperlink Feb 8, 2024 — To get page numbers to start from the end of a hyperlink, at the top of the link, click the document to  How to start page numbering on an in-page hyperlink How to start page numbering with an in-page hyperlink This document has been created using the templates in the templates' folder. Note: For an in-page hyperlink to work correctly, you must copy that link into another document. If you have already copied a link into a specific document, just re-enter it in the location  for a new page numbers. After you have entered any hyperlink, you can click anywhere in the document to bring up the Page Numbering tab  to start your line numbering: How to start tabbing through document pages If you need to quickly skip back to a specific page number, you can click either the tab button to the right of the page number or to the far right of the page number, either in the ribbon or the Page Numbering tab to skip the page number and return to the main page. How to jump to a specific page in a document To jump to a specific page in a document, click the  tab in the top left corner of the screen (the same button you click above to see the current page number) in the Page Numbering tab to  jump to the document page number. If you need to jump to a specific paragraph within a document, click  the paragraph link to the far right of the paragraph. How to jump to a specific line in a document To get a tab on the left side (next to the tab button) of the paper, drag the right edge up from the bottom line.

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