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Hand Numbering Machine: What You Should Know

Out of 5 stars The following is a description of the features and construction of the machine I purchased for 150,000.00 on June 27th, 2024 from  Dodge Ballistics, a division of Dodge and Baldwin, and I purchased it new from the Manufacturer: “Bolt Action, 7.5” long, with two 3-1/2” long arms, (front and rear). Four (4)  rotary cams operated the whole machine, with no choke, and 1/2” low profile, non-padded  toothed, high-grade rubber “tipped” rubber roller. Each arm is made of a combination of ABS, steel and chrome molybdenum.  “Lion” is listed above on the inside side of the left arm. These are the same models that are  shown in the picture above. There is nothing about them on the outside  of the arm, but they were shown on my model number label. The Model number appears as  B-37 in the picture above. They look similar to the other models I have  located here, but they have no number on the roller. I found on my  model label that this model numbers as 00-10-07-12 and the other models are  marked B-37 and B-37-07. Here are some photos taken of the machine prior to  shipping and in operation after. They look much different.  The rubber roller is made of  high-carbon chrome metal, hard chrome metal. The  Toothed grip is a chrome type, the grip is not polished. The  arms are made of high-grade, high-carbon chrome metal. The  Toothed grip is a chrome type, the grip is polished (tipped). These  are the factory markings on the stamp and on the grip. They are all  the same.  The Toothed grip can be polished to produce a smooth surface. If polished, the  toothed grip should be held with the two edges facing in opposite directions.  The “Lion” number  is above the number “7.5” inside the top armhole. The  Toothed grip is a chrome type, the grip is polished, and holds the  toothed grip.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing hand numbering machine


What is the most useless job you can think of?
Weve all had dumb jobs. Maybe it was dead-end work where the boss wouldn have noticed if you didn show up for a week or a gig answering phones for apany that nobody was calling. But there are pointless jobs and then there are ridiculous italic jobs the very idea of which might seem like a punchline or a setup for a bad Rob Schneider movie. Herein the 15 that are most likely to make you raise an eyebrow (or two). And for more crazy careers check out these 1 Lifeguard at the Swimming Pool at the Olympics Lifeguards are there to help kids who forgot they never learned to swim or old people who get an unexpected leg cramp. So what exactly do they have to offer a pool full of the best swimmers in the world? I don think theyll need us but well be on the lookout just in case said Rio Games lifeguard s Anderson Fertes s . He was rightthey didn need him. And for more out-of-this-world trivia check out the 2 Long-Predicted Technologies That Are Never Going to Happen s . 2 Professional Paint Drying Watcher Sometimes our jobs can feel like anything would be more interesting including watching paint dry. But for a UK man named Keith Jackson s watching paint dry is italic his job. For decades he worked for a paint manufacturer for which he is responsible for determining how quickly its paint dries swiping it onto cardboard and monitoring how quickly it dries using a stopwatch. Watching paint dry sounds quite easy but it can be stressful at times he told the Daily Mail italic . italic 3 Self-Storage Manager Sure you need someone to make sure nobody robbing other people units or that some Storage Wars italic knock-off is filming on site without a permit but isn hiring a manager for a self-storage place kind of going against the self italic part of the gig? Skip the storage lockers altogether by boning up on the 4 Professional Snuggler There are entire organizations dedicated to providing snuggling services to those looking for a little affection in their lives. If a teddy bear isn cutting it you can pay one of these nice ladies to keep youpany. And if you want to give more affection to a loved one in your life learn the 5 Easy Ways to Be (Much) More Romantic s . 5 Professional Sleeper Whether testing mattresses serving as a scientific research subject or in some other capacity it is actually possible to make money in your sleep s . It also a ridiculous job. When ites to your own sleeping by the way itll behoove you to master the 7 Tips For Your Best Sleep Ever s . 6 Mall Santa Claus in Jerusalem Yup he exists . Though he probably doesn draw the crowds that Macy does the city claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians as their capital has got a jolly ambassador of the high-profile Christian holiday asking kids what they want for a holiday most of the population isn supposed to celebrate. For more wacky holiday trivia check out the 22 Worst Christmas Traditions of All Time s . 7 Sign Spinners Weve all seen those guys Human billboards who dance around on corners spinning signs for cash-for-gold spots or iPhone repair shops. Some have serious moves and are clearly putting way too much into their work than they are probably getting out of them. But it seems like a bigger waste for the guy hiring themsticking the sign on a wall would probably aplish about the same thing. 8 CD Rack Manufacturers Though they once held a proud place in every music fan living room youre not going to see too many CD towers these daysyet there are plenty of panies still producing them. Vinyl may have made aeback butpact discs don look like theyll be returning anytime soonlet alone returning to enough popularity to justify an entire CD rack. Instead if you really want to jam invest in one of the 8 Best Retro-Inspired Digital Record Players s .n Image via Wikimediamons italic 9 Toll Booth Operator It hard to believe we haven figured out a way to pay the buck fifty it costs to cross a bridge in some more automated wayor that the people who collect those dollars and change haven found a more stimulating way to spend their time. 1 Restroom Attendant Most of us are perfectly capable of soaping and drying our hands ourselves so why in the world did we think it was a good idea to install a person in bathrooms to do it for usall while guilting us into tipping them for the convenience? Every now and then their mints and cologne mighte in handy but those are very rare exceptions rather than the rule. 11 Pet Psychologist Sometimes pets misbehave. You fix that by training them to do what they are supposed to donot getting inside their minds and trying to understand what makes them tick. That called domestication and weve been doing it for centuries. Dogs and cats are adorable but they aren all thatplex and certainly don require a shrink. For more on your furry friend learn the 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Adopting a Pet s . 12 Pet Food Taster Just as we over-worry about what goes into our pets minds we over-worry about what goes into their bodies too. That what led to the need for pet-food tastershired professionals who sample the stuff no person in their right mind would eat. Thankfully the tasters don actually swallow (unless they want to). 13 Video Store Owner While there was a particular joy in browsing the aisles of a Blockbuster or Hollywood Video these cultural hubs are sadly now a thing of the past thanks to Netflix and other streaming services. Yet there are a few holdouts still trying to keep the dream alive. 14 Weatherman in San Diego Considered the city with the best most consistent weather in the world s San Diego is almost always between 57 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words the weatherman here has pretty much one thing to say each day it going to be sunny. 15 Elevator Operator These throwbacks to a time when elevator technology was so baffling that the average person needed some help figuring them out still exist at fancy apartment buildings and high-end hotels. Most of us have figured our way around elevators since we were kids excited to push the buttons but someone thought we appreciate having a person do it for us filling up the elevator and requiring us to make small talk.
What are the best sites for learning Data Science?
Just like a lot of people think of data science in terms of tools italic (R Python SQL etc) a lot of people think of learning data science in terms of resources italic . However the most important thing to figure out before you learn data science is the process italic not the resources. With the right process you can plug in any resources but still keep learning. Think about it this way people hiring data scientists don care what courses youve taken they care what you can do for their business. The key is to get yourself into a position where you can contribute meaningfully. In order to get there you have to do the following Learn to enjoy analyzing data and finding insights Start building projects and a portfolio Present your insights to others and learn how tomunicate Work with larger datasets and push your boundaries This process involves self-motivation finding what interests you and working on projects. You can read more here or see the process in action at Dataquest s where this is our teaching method. The key is to figure out a process that motivates you and gets you to your learning goals. A great way to do this is to Learn enough of the basics to start working on projects Start analyzing datasets and showing your results to others Along the way youll naturally learn the skills you need (when you need them for your projects). Let break this down by step Learn enough of the basics to start working on projects This means learning some basic statistics and programming. Some good resources are Codecademy s learn the basics of programming. Khan Academy s learn statistics and linear algebra. OpenIntro Stats s learn statistics. Dataquest s learn data science concepts including data analysis programming working with databases and machine learning. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python s learn how to use Python in a practical way. Don spend too much time on learning the basics focus on learning just enough to start working on projects. Find interesting datasets to analyze You can find interesting datasets to analyze in quite a few places FiveThirtyEight s s Kaggle s You can find more resources here . The key is to make sure that youre interested in the datasets. You have to be able to motivate yourself to build several projects. Start analyzing datasets and showing your results to others Start analyzing the datasets using tools like Jupyter Notebook s and posting the results on a blog or Github s . At Dataquest s we give you structured gance while youre building these projects. You can also try to replicate people blog posts from blogs here s . Try to find interesting patterns and makepelling visualizations. Youll then be able to share your results both in person and online inmunities like Meetup s s DataTau s Keep doing moreplex analysis Make sure to keep pushing yourself to do moreplex analysis. This can be increasing the size of the datasets increasing the number of datasets or using moreplex techniques. This is critical as this ensures that you keep pushing your boundaries and learning. The bottom line If you follow the above process youll be able to learn data science and have a solid project portfolio. The key is to ensure that youre working on things that interest you and that youre driven to do. Good luck learning data science!
What was the longest night you ever had as a parent?
It was a Friday night and the last day of school. My son would be a Senior in the fall. When I pulled down our street on my way home from work I noticed both sides of the street were lined with parked cars. You probably guessed it. My son had turned our house into Animal House! We had just had a pool built and it was full of kids every afternoon. I didn mind. I could relax knowing where my son was. But this wasn one of those afternoon get-togethers. This was a full blown wild party. Girls were naked in the pool and there were whiskey and beer bottles everywhere. It looked like half the high school was packed into my house. My fear was someone leaving drunk. I couldn let that happen. I found my son. I told him and the group with him that I was going to my room and would let them have their party but I needed everyone to leave me their car keys. I didn want anyone leaving drunk. In my state 17 yr-olds are not old enough to drink. I am responsible for each one as long as theyre in my house. I also be responsible for them drinking at my house I could be arrested. But my worry was getting those keys and keeping them from leaving. I figure something else later. I had what looked like 1 sets of keys that kids had gave me. I told them to write their name on their keys. I thought that once I got their keys I wouldn be so worried and I contact parents and let them know what was going on. I been home about 15 min and went in my room to change out of my work clothes. In under 1 min I was out of my room and was going to get more of the kids keys. Problem was no one was there. The house was empty and the cars on the street were gone except for a few that were probably passengers now. Not one kid was in sight only a few articles of clothing had been left floating in the pool. I was furious. My son had left too. He wasn answering his phone either. I called a few parents and exed. A few didn enjoy being bothered with it. None of them seemed concerned. I was so upset I puked. I didn know what to do or where to look. I just prayed they were all safe at someone house. I cleaned the house and every 3 minutes called and ed my son. He never replied. I tried to sleep but I kept thinking about all the terrible things that could happen to them how one night of partying can ruin the rest of their life. I couldn stop thinking. I probably buried my son a dozen times in my mind that night. Around 3am I dozed off At 414am I got a call. The connection was poor and I couldn hear every word plus there was a lot of noise. I heard this is blablabla with -sheriffs -EMT paramedic-permission to treat!l? Maam? Hello? We need permission -accident involving 4 minors-please maam! I was yelling Yes yes you have my permission to treat them. I kept saying it over and over because our connection was so bad. I wanted them to hear me. The call was dropped. I hit redial on the phone but it wouldn reconnect with who just called. I didn know where the kids were who was with my son or the details of the accident and the injuries. It was like being trapped in a horrible nightmare. I didn even know where to begin. I called all the hospitals and police stations in the area. Nothing. I have never felt that much pain and heartache at the same time. I wanted to be with my son. I was no longer angry I just wanted to to be where my son was. I kept envisioning the worst. I paced the floor while holding my bible and praying those next few hours. I hit my knees and begged God to take me and leave the kids here in good health. For hours I was frantic. I was shaking and felt so helpless. The not knowing was tearing me up. I felt crazy. At 62am I get a call from the hospital. She can discuss the accident or injuries. She just gave me the address and names of the passengers. These 4 boys were in a hospital a 4 hour drive away. I had to drive 4 hrs having no idea of what condition my son would be in. This had be the worst night of my life. This drive was a long 4 hours plus a bad storm had rolled in and made driving difficult. I kept thinking Why doesn my son call? It has to be bad if he not calling me. The hospital was in a small town on the way to a popular city on the bay. I couldn believe it! They had left the house and driven to the beach. I kept thinking about all the empty beer bottles and whiskey bottles I picked up at the house. My mind was thinking the worst. It had gotten pitch black and the wind was gusting. I was driving into a bad storm lightning struck all around me. The rain was so heavy I could barely see the lights of the gas station ahead of me. The cars on the road had all pulled in to wait out the storm. I figured I should too. thought I fill up with gas but there wasn a pump not in use. I pulled over by the air pump and just then lightning stuck a transformer it was on fire. My nerves were shot. The explosion scared me so badly that I almost peeed my pants. I couldn take it. I decided to get out of that parking lot before a gas pump exploded. Just as I was about to pull out I heard the sirens. Tornado sirens! Wtf! I was done I couldn handle this. I just wanted to be with my son. I didn know what to do. The rain was now falling almost perpendicular to the ground. My windows were rolled up and still the rain wasing in. My car was shaking. I put it in park turned off the key and just sat there crying and praying. I couldn see anything out of the windows. I heard another loud explosion but couldn see what it was. I shut my eyes and cried. I listened to the wind and thunder and sirens. My car was shaking so badly I thought the doors were going to open. Then everything stopped. The wind had pushed me to the end of the parking lot next to the railroad tracks. There were railroad tracks (the big wooden beams) all around my car. I guess the wind pulled them up and tossed them around. I put the car in drive and drove. I was hyperventilating and pulled over at a rest area. I began thinking I would never make it to my son. I made it to the hospital and found the corridor they were on. When I got off the elevator I was looking at a waiting area. My son and his one friend were sitting there talking and laughing. A cop was sitting with them. I ran to my son and he stood up. At that moment I didn know if I wanted to hug him or punish him. (Of course I hugged him.) I was looking at his face and arms and I wanted to count his fingers and toes just like I did the first time I held him. He was holding me as I was crying tears of relief. Not a scratch on my son body. All four boys were fine! The cop told me that he had seen a car in a corn field and stopped to check it out. Apparently the crash had just happened when he arrived because the tires were still spinning. My son had fallen asleep behind the wheel. When the car went off the road onto the shoulder he woke and his reflex was to turn the wheel. This caused the car to spin and he lost control. It hit a cable line and the car flipped 5 times. One boy in the back seat flew through the windshield and landed 3 from the car. He drove a hatchback and the other boy in the back seat was thrown out of the back. No one was wearing seat belts but not one boy needed a stitch. Thank God! The cop said he didn think he find anyone alive. It was the worst accident that little town had ever seen. I was so relieved that everyone was fine. The cop told me that when he was walking up to the car he followed a trail of beer cans all the way to the car. They were unopened and no one had been drinking. They were tested and they were all found to be sober. The car had flipped through the corn field and the cop said the corn probably softened the blows. We had to go to the wrecker yard to pay for towing The cop told me to prepare myself. There was no way to prepare myself for what I was about to see. His brand new car didn have one place on it that wasn damaged. You couldn tell what you were looking at. The front and back looked the same. The door handles were the only thing that made you know which end was where. Ears of corn were sticking out everywhere. It was a sight. I stood there crying and holding my son and his friend. They cried too. I don remember if my son got a ticket. I do remember that I had to drive him to alcohol awareness classes twice a week for a month. And once a week I had to drive that 4 hrs to see the judge for a month. The car was sold for scrap for $325. I joke now and say that we would have gotten more for the corn. The other two boys were arrested for having marijuana on them. They had to wait for their parents to get them. This happened 19 yrs ago. Last year I was visiting friends near that little town. We went to play bingo one evening. I was talking with a couple sitting across from me. I had mentioned that the last time I been down this way was for a bad accident that my son was in. The man looked at me and said OMG! Youre mom! He knew my sons name and said he was the cop on the screen. He told me how he has never been able to forget that morning and the accident. He still has nightmares about walking up and finding 4 dead boys. His wife said it really got to him. She had told her husband that he needed to maybe find the boys and once he knew they were okay maybe the nightmares would stop. But he didn have contact info. I showed him pics of my son and grandson. This man cried right there in the bingo hall. I think it did us both good. I hope he sleeping better. I truly believe we a learned something that day. It definitely changed all involved. It was the worst 24 hrs of my life.
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