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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to print sequential numbers


How do you write a program in C to print the 1st hundred even and odd numbers sequentially by using a for loop command?
If you are solving a problem with aputer program you break it down into steps implement each step and see that it is working correctly then move to the next step. So write a program that prints out the first 1 numbers. Get that working. Now figure out how to determine if a number is even or odd. Implement that and get that working. Nowbine the the ideas to print out the number and a string to say if it is odd or even.
How do I convert my power point images into Photoshop so it is ready for printing?
The ideal file format choice for print is TIFF followed closely by PNG. With your editing program. Go to my Profile and you can find all about Photoshop material there...
What is something that most people don't know?
What is something that most people don't know? This answer is going to be all about people in the United States. Legal and constitutional are two different things. Many state laws and even congress laws have been held unconstitutional by courts and supreme courts. (Just regular check and balance system operation). Your state laws matter. States can be extremely conservative democratic or fairly neutral. This plays a huge roles in the state law system. Choose where to live wisely. You will get convicted of DUI if you ride a horse under influence in the state of Colorado. One perfectly legal action from a state may be seriously illegal in another state (example shooting your home intruders) If you deposit more than $1 in cash in your bank account legally or not you will be reported to the IRS. If the IRS believes you try to avoid getting reported by depositing more than $1 in cash with separate transactions over a short period of time they can legally seize your money from your bank account. If I help you avoid getting reported to the IRS I can get convicted of federal crime. A police request is not an order. A police order is not a request. (Behave accordingly) You can ALWAYS have a lawyer speaking on behalf of you. No law can force you to speak. Child pornography is a federal crime. This also includesputer generated s 797 62 The bill of rights is NOT about what you can do. It about what the government CANNOT do and what they MUST do. Same concept the 2nd amendment does not give you the right to bear arm. It about the government CANNOT take that given right away from you. In fact you CAN travel with your weapons. Research your local laws before you do so. You DONT have to answer the police when they knock on your door. (But treat them with respect they are people too. If you tell them to fuck off your home address will be in their internal record) 4th amendment prevent the government from illegal searches and seizures. But there are ways they can do it legally and constitutionally too. (Example expect the cops to search your car when they see bags of crack on your dash) The Constitution is above everything. It above congress president and even supreme court. It the foundation of American government. The government that our Constitution created makes it VERY hard to make massive fundamental changes. Political campaigns that use words like revolution or new age are often horse shit.
Is it faster to iterate through an array or a linked list?
It all depends what of operation you are doing while iterating all data structures have trade off between time and memory and depending on our needs we should choose the right DS. So there are some cases where LinkedList are faster then array and vice versa . Consider the three basic operation on data structures. italic nSince array is index based data structure searching (index) will take O(1) time while edlist is not index DS so you will need to traverse up to index where index <=n n is size of ed list so array is faster the ed list when have random access of elements. italic what's the beauty behind this ? italic As Arrays are contiguous memory blocks large chunks of them will be loaded into the cache upon first access this makes itparatively quick to access remaining elements of the arrayas much as we access the elements in array locality of reference also increases thus less catch misses Cache locality refers to the operations being in the cache and thus execute much faster aspared to in memorybasically In array we maximize the chances of sequential element access being in the cache. While Linked lists aren't necessarily in contiguous blocks of memory there's no guarantee that items which appear sequentially in the list are actually arranged near each-other in memory this means fewer cache hits e.g. more cache misses because we need to read from memory for every access of ed list element which increases the time it takes to access them and degraded performance so if we are doing more random access operation aka searching array will be fast as exed below. 2. Insertion italic nThis is easy and fast in LinkedList as insertion is O(1) operation in LinkedList (in Java) aspared to array consider the case when array is full we need to copy contents to new array if array gets full which makes inserting an element into ArrayList of O(n) in worst case while ArrayList also needs to update its index if you insert something anywhere except at the end of array in case of ed list we needn't to be resize it you just need to update pointers. 3. Deletion italic It works like insertions and better in LinkedList than array. Space Overhead. italic nLinkedList has more memory overhead than ArrayList because in ArrayList each index only holds actual object (data) but in case of LinkedList each node holds both data and address of next and previous node. PS italic Performance also vary from language to language.
How can you avoid getting distracted frequently when working?
Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan in which we must fervently believe and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success. 3Pablo Picasso italic I don sit daydreaming about things that are impossible. I set goals and then work out how to achieve them. 3Richard Branson italic Goals work because they focus our attention energize us motivate us encourage persistence and force us to prioritize. But if goals are so great why do so many of us struggle with them? One reason is that setting good goals forces us to confront the reality of who we are and where we spend our time. Which can be very ufortable. Who wants to find out that theyve wasted the last year working on a dead-end project? Or that their career path isn headed in the best direction? Or that theirmunication skills aren as good as they thought? It so much easier to believe that what weve been doing all along is the right approach. Ignorance is bliss they say. We say that even better than ignorance is the certainty of knowing youre really working toward the things that matter most and the benefits of aplishing them! But even after youremitted to setting good goals how can you pick the right ones? And how can you make sure you meet them? Key lessons 1. Set goals you want to work on. Youll be much more motivated to reach them. During the iPad launch Steve Jobs said This is the most important work Ive ever done. Do you have the same level of excitement for what youre working on? 2. Focus on only a few goals at a time. The more things you work on at once the more likely youll lose focus and get distracted. What will make the biggest difference? Eliminate all but the essentials. 3. Setting goals is about choosing what not to do. You have hundreds thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of different things you could do tomorrow. Setting a few clear goals will help you quickly filter through the madness. Ask yourself Will this help me reach my goals? If not why do it? 4. Goals shouldn be set in stone. Re-evaluate your situation periodically to see if your goals still make sense. If they don change them. 5. A goal is meaningless without a plan to aplish it. Unless you break a goal down into clear and actionable steps you won't know what to do next which often leads to procrastination.
Is it really true that a cop can never "rip up" an already written ticket, even if he agrees he has made a mistake?
Is it really that a cop can never rip up an already written ticket even if he agrees he has made a mistake? S can nullify it at least they can where I live. I was given a ticket for doing 62 in a 5 zone. I felt awful. In some serious pain. To avoid my speed fluctuating I'd set my cruise control. But hadn't been exact. I was doing 52 and thinking if the cop was seriously going to start following me being anal about 2 mph over the posted limit had reduced to 5 using the control button by the time he'd pulled a U-y. My then-teenage daughter was in the car with me. Afted he pulled me over and had walked back to his car she informed me I had been doing 52 --you KNOW if you make an error while driving your teenaged driver is going to give you grief about it. He would not buy my protest nor what my daughter had said. He gave me an erroneous ticket claiming I was going 12 mph over the posted limit. Then to top it off he wrote me a ticket for not wearing my reading glasses. Not kidding there. I looked at him and rather sarcastically told him I didn't need to be wearing my glasses. I was wearing contacts. After humiliating me by shining his maglight into my eyes as cars passed by -- it was 15-- he determined I was indeed wearing contacts and nullified my ticket. With my eyes I couldn't have gotten out of my house much less driven my car without vision correction. If I deserve a traffic ticket and I've had two in my life from not noticing a speed limit change I accept the ticket and pay it. I screwed up. Mea Culpa. In this case I had done nothing wrong. Got home. Called the state trooper barracks and tore into the person who answered the phone mentioning the bogus speeding ticket and the attempted ticket for not wearing my reading glasses. After having been raped by a cop on several different occasions and powerless to protect myself I don't handle well cops leaving me feeling defenseless. Tried to sleep that night but had flashbacks to my previous experiences so it was impossible. I kept dwelling on how one can't do a damn thing to protect oneself from cops. When it's your word versus theirs you know who's going toe out on top even when they're lying through their teeth. Threw up several times during the night. I never throw up from anxiety. It was a first. First thing in the morning I got on myputer detailed my experience with the state trooper and sent it to themander of the Maryland State Police with an info copy to the barracksmander. Received a nolle prosequi letter from the State's Attorney's Office regarding the reading glasses ticket. Received letters from both the State Police Commander and the barracksmander. Received my letter with the court date for the speeding ticket. I showed up with my daughter as witness ready to tear the trooper a new one in the courtroom. Little prick never showed up. I was peeved. I really wanted to meet him in court like I'd told him I would. Judge was a bit taken aback when I told him about the ticket for not wearing my reading glasses. Earlier in the evening of the night I'd gotten the tickets while out walking in the small town near where I lived --the reason for having been in severe pain later-- I'd watched a state trooper pulling numerous people over. Because of the areas they work I knew it was the same ass who pulled me over. My guess was he'd just gotten cut loose to work on his own and had been determined to make a name for himself. He certainly did that but not in the way he'd probably planned. Because of my livid call to the barracks when I got home and ranting about the episode not only did bothmanders know about it so would have his co-workers. Having known many cops over the years I'm pretty sure it would be a long time before he lived down writing a ticket to an old lady for not wearing her reading glasses while she was driving. Incidentally a lot of people like to claim racism when cops do stupid stuff like this guy did. In my situation it was after midnight. The road wasn't illuminated. My interior lights were off. He couldn't have known my race when he pulled me over. I'm white. He was black. Race had nothing to do with it. He was just a dick. Saluting you Trooper J**** with the American Eagle.