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How To Add Roman Numbers In Word 2016: What You Should Know

Method 3. Add or Change Letter Case Before using this method to insert numbers, you must first make sure that the type of numbers you are entering is in correct case: Type a number in your keyboard  This might appear daunting as you might find it very difficult to do so on your keyboard but rest assured that, you just need to tap the shift key (usually a key between the number keys) and the number will type normally.  It is very important that you hit the shift button or the number will not type properly. If you hit the correct shift button, the number with Case” feature will show up, this is simply done by highlighting the number in your keyboard and tapping the number ‣ button 4. You will be asked to press a number before the digit (4 in this example) and hit enter in order that the number is inserted and entered the correct case. If none of the above methods to insert Roman numerals gives you the desired result, please visit our Word Converter in order to correct and replace the numbers on your document. Method 4. Use Typography to Insert Numbers Step 1: Create a new document and enter the numbers, the first one is '0' 5. The numbers must now align with the text in the document. To do so, simply tap and hold a number then click and hold on the left or right side of the number and drag it to the desired position. Type different numbers and other symbols at the same time (using your keyboard/ touch devices). Tip: To enable and activate type features to insert numbers, please check the 'Typography' box inside the type editor. Step 2: You are now ready to use the two methods for creating numbers.  Method 1. Type in a number in the appropriate language Step 1. Write the number in your appropriate language (e.g. 0 in English; 123 in French; 123451234 in Arabic; +13 in Chinese; ....) 6. Once you write the number, it will auto adjust the font size as you write and if the language is Arabic (or similar alphabet with Arabic numbers) the number will automatically be put in the first row.

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