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Looking for some software/web service, that when you send a PDF by email - it will imprint/watermark in the document header the recipients email address?
Depending on the number of copies you have to create you can do it even with Acrobat (Pro) and apply a watermark or a dynamic stamp. For bigger numbers of document you might look atmand line tools such as StampPDF by Appligent ( Appligent Document Solutions ). Apletely different approach would require exchange of certificates and you would encrypt the documents against the certificate of the receipient. Then it would be only the receipient who can open the document.
Is there a PDF or a site where I can see documentation to all the C++ header files, functions declared under them with examples?
These 2 sites are what I use profusely s Reference - C++ Reference They do have a downloadable archive too (like Javadocs). For Books you may follow The C++ Programming Language 4th Edition (32156384) Bjarne Stroustrup Books s=mt_paperback?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid= (written by the inventor of C++) for reference and also a succinct explanation for most of the concepts. Please note that the above references are not tutorials so if you are a beginner you should try reading following s you get on a C++ Tutorials search.
How do I get rid of a scrolling header on a PDF document?
Open PDF File On the main menu click 'Organize' and then click on ' Header and Footer'. Select ' Remove ' from the options presented.
I lose my "back" and "home" buttons in the header when I open a PDF file using jQuery mobile. How can I solve this?
You would need to provide the version of Jquery Mobile Jquery that you are using. Also some reference code would be helpful. It would be best if you could set up a fiddle and demonstrate your issue. Link Create a new fiddle
How can I print-PDF an article on Firefox without the header of the web page appearing and hiding some of the text?
There is a free Firefox extension name Print Edit WE (where WE stands for Web Edition). It not only allows one to save a web page to PDF but it provides control of margins and header and footer. Including setting them to be blank. Removing the header and footer as noted in another answer is an option already for printing. I use it frequently as it allows one to remove areas of a page which one doesn want! As also noted in another answer web developers don usually set up pages for a print-friendly format. Ads menu columns etc. would all get printed or saved to your PDF (if you used e.g. Windows 1 Print to PDF builtin). With this free extension you can remove all the extraneous material including headers and footers if desired and add page numbers appropriate for your final version. That my way to handle your question How can I print-PDF an article on Firefox without the header of the web page appearing and hiding some of the ? italic