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Adobe Dynamic Stamp Username: What You Should Know

Well, you can create a custom dynamic stamp from inside Acrobat, but it is limited to displaying the Computer Username, Date, and Time, which does not work as well as adding a custom username which you can add the right way.  How to Add a Custom Username or Identity Name to Dynamic Stamp? — Acrobat FAQ I can't use a custom dynamic stamp on my account because the username is different from my normal Username. Custom Username: Custom Username Add a Custom Username — Add Usernames Creating a custom dynamic stamp using the custom username will give you the username, but your signature will not be displayed. Adding a custom dynamic stamp using the custom username will also give you the Date, but you still won't be able to select the actual signature. Adding a custom username in Acrobat doesn't give any feedback as the username and signature look the same. Acrobat can display the username but will have the signature invisible. I hope this is the right answer and Acrobat will give you a Username for your Dynamic Stamp. Creating a Dynamic Stamp with Both an Authentication Name (Email) and a Signing Alias A dynamic stamp with a Username, an Authentication Name (email), and a Signing alias (domain) would give you a unique signature for each individual. It would look as if all the signatures are coming from the same person. Adding a Signing Alias Adding a Signing alias works like any alias in Acrobat, so you can change your address, name, etc. If you have a custom dynamic stamp with an authentication name only, you can add a Signing Alias which you can use to sign as another user. The Signing Alias Name you are adding must not begin with a hyphen or a space, so my signature would look like this: Adding a Signing Alias — Add Usernames Adding a Signing Alias — Add Usernames Adding a Signing Alias — Add Signature If you want the dynamic signature that is displayed on a dynamic stamp that will be displayed in a signature section on the document, and the dynamic signature with username in which the password can be added, I will now assume you know how to add username information in Acrobat 10.

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