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Is Bates Stamp Capitalized: What You Should Know

Bates Numbering — A Blog Post December 26, 2024 — On the right is what I call an example of a Bates number. A Bates number shows up in all sorts of places. Sometimes, you see something like the one below. And sometimes you see something like this below. Bates Numbering: A Visual History (in GIFs) — Biz rate July 31, 2024 — But now, we come to an interesting point: what does Bate number mean? When people who are used to reading words on paper are given a document with a Bates number, they have to interpret it in some way. The following is my interpretation of Bates numbering for those who aren't familiar with Bates numbering. Bates numbered documents had three aspects. The first is that they had an identifying number: the Bates number. (Nowadays, we can simply read the number “12″ or the number “25″ with a zero in front of it instead of counting to three.) Next, there would be a stamp (like the one above), then a bar code or a bar code with bar code letter (like above with Bates) and then a bar code with bar code and number. Sometimes the document had other numbering at that point: sometimes it had only one number associated with it. There are two kinds of Bates numbers we commonly see. One is where the Bates number is the first number, followed by two digits, and next is the number of dots, which can vary by number. The other type of Bates number starts with the number “12″, followed by a bar-code-like bar code with bar code and two numbers. I'll use this second one as an example. When people talk about a document with Bates number, I usually think about this Bates Number and the number 12 because that's the code or the bar code with the Bates number that's on the document. But when someone talks about a document printed at the Xerox facility in California, they're referring to a document printed at the Xerox facility in Texas, or the one printed in Texas in 1978. If someone says “a Bates number 12”, they're actually referring to this document: Bates Number 12 by John Rodd — The Law Offices of Mark McGovern, P.C. Bates Numbers can also be used to mark things with copyrights.

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