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How To Stop Printing Header/footer In

How to Remove Header And Footer From Printing Using Python Script? If you wish to remove the header and footer from printing, you might want to check this link which is for Python script.  If you have anything specific in mind, please comment by writing down what is required. Thanks. Remove header and footer from window.print() Open print window and type the following code: window.print(document.getElementById(“my-print-window”)); The above code is how to remove header and footer in print window. How to remove header and footer from print window on a Mac? Open print window and type the following code: var my_print_window = document.createElement(“MyPrintWindow”); my_print_window.inner HTML = “The window is empty”; my_print_window.onreadystatechange = function () {var print_element; print_element = document.getElementsByTagName(“p”); print_element.inner HTML += “; my_print_window.inner HTML += print_element.inner HTML;}; my_print_window.

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