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How To Type Roman Numerals On Keyboard: What You Should Know

The Shift key was used until the 1980s, when the arrow keys began appearing. Roman numeral input methods have been widely different due to the numerous uses of Roman numerals in many languages. Below is a list and a short description of how to type the different methods of Roman numeral input. How to switch between keyboard modes Some alternate ways to type Roman numerals. The first row is the same mode used in the lower case letters. The second row is reversed in the lower case letters. It's important to remember to press Caps + alt if you go back to the Roman numeral input methods. Shift mode is useful for those who know what they are doing, since it can be combined with keyboard shortcuts and other special modes. The Roman numeral input methods are listed below. You will be able to hear a brief explanation in the description and then try out how it works using the symbols. How to Type Roman numerals on a keyboard — Mac 1. Press the Alt key on your keyboard while the Roman numeral should be on a lower case letter. 2. Press the F9 key on your keyboard until you see a list of options. Make sure to press Shift while in the option that you want. This will cycle through the different Roman numeral options. How to type Roman numerals on the keyboard — Windows 1. Press Ctrl + F9 when the Roman numeral should also be lower case and press Caps + Alt, to cycle through the Roman numeral options. This procedure will also work for the numeral keys found on keyboard keys (such as F7, F9, or Enter).

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