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How To Reset Page Numbers In Word: What You Should Know

Click your cursor to the right of the start at value field. · Double click anywhere in this selection to move it, then cancel when you are done.· Repeat these steps for each section of your document. Big Idea #3 · Right-click in the Header/Footer section and choose move to Next/Previous »….· Click your cursor to the left of the section to move it, then cancel when you are done. Big Idea #2 · Click the Page Number Format table, and if it is not yet open, choose format Page Numbers». ‐ Right-click in the «Page Number ‐ ‐» section, then choose format Page Numbers. Big Idea #1 This tip is meant for Microsoft Office 2024 and Word 2008. If you are using Microsoft Office 2010, try this page. Big Idea #5 · If your document is open in Word, then go to Insert > Page Number. In the Page Number Insertion box, type the start at value of the section you want to restart page numbering for. The rest of the tip applies to Word 2024 too. Big Idea #4 · In any section, if the page numbers begin at another location, and the correct number appears for that location, use the ↓ arrow to move that location to the place you want the page number to start. When you reach this location, type a number of your choice to restart the page number. If the number has a dash, then move it up 2 characters, if it has a space, then move it down 2 characters. Big Idea #2 · If you want the page numbers to restart in any page rather than in the first page, and you are in Insert > Page Number and want to change the page for the start-at-value, you can choose one of the pages in the Places' pane on the right, but only for the first page.

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