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Bates Professional: What You Should Know

Bates has made a commitment to make it more sustainable in the future. The Center for Purposeful Work seeks talented professional writers to fill a variety with positions. If you have a passion and want to contribute in some small way to a local organization, please apply to be  an Instructor. For more information about the center and our programs, go to: Practice Making Bates Dance Conference In the summer session Bates Dance Conference: Bates Dance Festival.  You can watch it LIVE on the web or via SONOS in the Bates Dance Festival on September 19th and 20th. Mixed, Traditional and Basket Dance The most popular performance of the year is the Bates Dance Festival. The mixed dance is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. At the Bates Dance Festival of mixed dances, learn the techniques from both styles and enjoy a wide range of dancing options. The festival includes: Traditional or Folk Dance | Traditional and Contemporary Ballet | Swing or Jazz | Jazz and Swing Dance | Modern and Basket Dance Classes for the Beginner — Students who want to work on and improve their dancing skills and find a partner to practice with get in on the beginner classes of the Mixed Dance program. Classes for the Intermediate and Advanced — Students who want to develop and polish their personal styles, find a partner to practice with, become more familiar with Bates' culture, and become knowledgeable on Bates dance festivals. Classes & Workshops for All levels — Students who want to practice their new skills, dance with a partner, find a partner to practice with, find a Bates Dance Festival experience or the opportunity to learn about Bates is what the Mixed Dance program is all about! Bates Dance Festival and Workshop Schedule • October 14-16 (Friday and Saturday) Bates Dance Festival in downtown Bates • October 21 – 22 Bates Dance Fires.

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