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How To Check Adobe License Status: What You Should Know

If it's on any activation period it'll ask you if you want to accept its terms. You can ignore this. If it's both on  then click “Yes” and it'll be registered to your Adobe ID. For the full version, it'll be stored in a subfolder under your Adobe ID and you can access it anywhere using your Adobe ID account. — If it's a part of another service then you can skip to Step 10. Step 10. Sign in to your Adobe ID account and look for the license certificate that was created when you made the purchase. The one you should have in your account will be on the right side as shown below: You'll see if it's on an activation period by checking the expiration date, and if you're using a serial numbering system you can click on the product's serial number to see its expiration date. Step 11. Look for the product's name (not the product ID) and look for the serial number that's in the Adobe support article. Copy the serial number. Then, paste it into your web browser of choice and view the expired dates, expiration dates, and serial numbers that were created when these products were activated and deactivated. If your Adobe software is activated and your serial number is on an activation period, you'll also see what service was activated (usually the last service activation you made) and the expiration date associated with that activation. In the example below, my Adobe software is activated and activated on June 1, 2016, which is also the activation date of the first version I purchased. There will be times you'll need to deactivate the product manually if you need to cancel your software's activation. Click on the product's icon and select the deactivate option. If you don't see your activated software serial number, check your serial numbers and try it again. If there's an error in your serial numbers, you'll have to re-validate your serial numbers. I've been using the product's expiration date as the expiration date when I deactivated my activation. The expired date has been a couple of years since I renewed my Adobe product, so I know there was a time I had to deactivate before I used the product's activation. If there's information in my serial numbers about when I canceled the deactivation, I can use that expiration date to see when I had to deactivate my activation again.

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