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How To Print Selected Area In PDF: What You Should Know

Download PowerPoint Viewer for Windows (for Windows 7 or later systems). › Download PowerPoint Viewer for Mac (for Mac OS X). › Browse files online for free in Internet Explorer. How to open other types of PowerPoint files: How can I copy PowerPoint files? › Open PowerPoint for Mac (for OS X) or Windows (for Windows 7 or later systems). › Open PowerPoint for Linux. › Open PowerPoint for Windows (for Windows XP or later systems). › Open PowerPoint for Xbox. How to open a PowerPoint presentation file in another application: › For Windows, open PowerPoint Viewer. › For Mac, open PowerPoint Viewer for Office. › For Linux, open PowerPoint Viewer for LibreOffice. › For Mac OS X, open PowerPoint Viewer for TextEd it. › Use PowerPoint to send presentations to other devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). (Tip: Open PowerPoint Viewer and add the presentation URL or a folder of references to the app's share dialog. In Outlook, for instance, click the gear pencil icon, then click Sharing. Click Add to share, click the Share icon, and then select Outlook as the app's default or shared app.) How to open a PPM file in PowerPoint and use its metadata? Once the file has been opened by using one of the following methods, you'll need to apply one or more metadata options to it before you can make changes to the file. You can apply multiple metadata options for a single slide in an Excel template. How to apply metadata to a PowerPoint presentation file: If it's a PDF .ppt file in PowerPoint, you use one of the following tools to apply metadata. You can open and manipulate PowerPoint PPM (or PPT) files using PowerPoint 2007, 2024 and 2017. PowerPoint has many of the same features as PowerPoint 2024 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, so these versions are supported. Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2024 or later is also supported. You can open your PowerPoint files as usual: The file is open, but you can't open documents that have metadata. › Open one or more PPM files with PowerPoint ‹ Open your PowerPoint files as usual using the File → Open menu item: PowerPoint Viewer ‹ Open PowerPoint files and open your workbooks as usual.

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