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How To Create Labels In Word 2010: What You Should Know

Labels window), click Select Format. In the Format box, select Label. · On the Address tab, click on the Add tab and then click the Label name button, ‽‽ ‹Enter Address. Note That you have not added an actual address nor an actual label, but the lettering which represents the actual address. The Address, in this case, is “Washington, District of Columbia”. · If you want any extra information including the city, state, and zip code, you can copy & paste them at the end of your Address (text only), then click the ›‽ ‹Format button. This will provide you with the city, state, zip code and line breaks. · If you want to insert another address, click the Add ‹Enter Address tab (not the Label name one) and enter the address. ‾‽ B. Copy & Paste the Address and Label to the Mailings Tab 4. Open Microsoft Outlook and add the labels created in Word to Outlook, then click Mail > Letters & Addresses > Addresses 4. Select the newly added address (the address you copied & pasted from Word) and click OK to confirm your actions. Step 4: Add the Labels to your Mailings 3. Open Outlook, go to your mailbox, right-click on any of the mail folders and choose Mail > Labels. You should see your labels right underneath the mailbox name. This is very helpful for labeling individual items in your mailbox. 4. Add your mailboxes to the Mailing label template, and click OK. This is a little confusing as you have to click the label template first, go to the Mailings tab, and then click Labels. Then choose which labels you will use and click OK to confirm. This step takes a little fiddling. You will probably still have problems with Outlook displaying labels that do not fit correctly. But it's better than no labels. How to Use a Labeled Page to Deliver a Product (or Email to a Customer)  You can use the Labeled Pages in your newsletters to easily add links, phone numbers, contact links, and other information that customers should look up when they need more information about your product or services.

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