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Why Can T I Add Page Numbers In Word: What You Should Know

The ‥ Insert ‥ button will be available in your toolbar that appears at the top of the screen. Click it. You will then be brought to the Insert ‥ menu. 3. A window will open. Here, you can add additional numbers to either side of your page numbers. For example, you may want to add a ‣1st and ‣2nd ‣ if you are adding separate information to the right and left sides of your page number (see photo below). You can also choose which of your pages to show on a separate page. Click ‥ Add ‥ to add your numbers. You may be prompted to insert a picture into your document for each page. Click ‥ Insert‥ to add your picture. Clicking ‣ Insert ��� page numbers, ‥ ‣ Insert ��� text also work. 4. You can also go to a page with any number. Open up to that page. Press ‥ Page Numbers from the menu,” then double-click on its ‥number box. (See photo below) Click and drag the line to the desired position. Once the line is at an appropriate depth, click on ‥ Insert ��� text in the page numbers” or text box. (See photo below.) 5. When you finish adding your numbers to your document or layout, click ‥ Finish.

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