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How To Start Page One On Second Page In Pages: What You Should Know

You will get a new section to go on your second page after starting the document at page 2 instead of 1. Pages Numbers Sep 29, 2024 — In the Insert Page Number dialogue, under Page Numbering, choose Start At. Select the number you want to move over to your first page. If I'm in the second section of the document, don't I have to go back to start the document at the first page? — Library Tutorials Sep 29, 2024 — Yes, you have to jump back to page 1 before you can start the document. If I want page numbers up to 3, what do I do about page 2? — Microsoft Support Sep 29, 2024 — Page 2 is your second page. Pages numbers are 2. What happens if I add 3 pages between a column of numbers and the start or end of the column? — Apple Community Feb 3, 2024 — Add, delete, and move pages, pages numbered to pages 1, 2, ... pages 3, 4 at the start of your document are numbered to the numbers in the column, not to number within that specific column. Apple Support page with the page numbers — Apple Support Library Tutorials How to set the default numbering system for a new document? — Apple Support If you're having trouble in Pages, please make your problem a new Problem Report. We will then be able to better serve you. If your problem is resolved, you may view the resolution. I use Pages and my numbering system doesn't work. What do I do? If your numbering system doesn't work for some reason, you might try resetting the numbering system for a document. Click the Tools icon in the Menu bar and click Pages and Numbers Reset. In the Page Numbering System dialog box, please choose Reset All or Reset. Note: The most common reason that numbering systems don't work is because of formatting issues. If you've noticed that the numbering system is getting out of sync and has become non-responsive, you might be able to reset the formatting. If you're formatting is already set up for a number, follow the instructions in the “Reset numbering system” section below. How do I set the default numbering system for a new document without using a reset? This is a topic that is often asked, so we've started a new page dedicated to explaining how to reset the numbering system without doing a reset.

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