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How To Change Page Number Language In Word: What You Should Know

The first step is you need to have a page with a page number that is different from what you currently have. A page on your main manuscript document will have its own numbering, for example: Page 1: 1 3/4. To ensure that you have a separate page number in your document, save as your  For other  pages, please refer to the might know how to do this in Word, but as of version 2024 it does not exist, the only way is to use the  in any of the following: Now you can change the page number according to what is needed and what is convenient for you. To restart your numbering, click the Page Number command, then chooseFormat 3.  It is also advised that you have a page number that is different from your current page number. For example, if your book is published as a PDF, and you have a PDF file called Page 1.pdf, you might need the other PDFs for the tables and illustrations. You can make this page number match the current page number in Word. Click Save as, then select the other file, i.e., PDF. The page will be updated to match, and a  4. For the next steps, you will need to choose Format ‐ Page numbers to Arabic.  To format page numbers in Word 2024 or Word 2007, you will need to go to this page in, then under, Page Breaks ‐ Arabic. Here is how to select Arabic:  How to configure Page Numbers to Arabic in Word. 5. Here are three examples of how to format page numbers for Arabic in Word 2007. It may mean a different arrangement between each example, because they depend on how the numbering works in your document.  Page 1 Arabic: 0 5/3, 5 1/3 Pages 3 and 4 Arabic: 0 5/3, 5 1/3 Pages 1, 2, and 3 Arabic: 1 2/3, 5 1/3 6. If you are using Word 2013, it also works in Word 2010:  Example of Page Numbers with different Arabic numbers 5 Pages of a Word Document 5 Pages of a Word Document 6. I hope this tutorial has been useful and enlightening. The information may be updated by adding or changing links or details.  My email address is  This tip may be used for personal, non-commercial use only.

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