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Avery Labels Sizes: What You Should Know

X 3.5”, 1, Mailing, shipping, barcoding, projects. 5095, 12.25” x 9”, 2, mail order, custom, custom, barcodes How To Measure Your Food Storage Jars | Check out 25 tips for keeping your food storage jars clean, safe, and looking their best. 6 Tips For The Best Storage Lid Of All Time | 1) Use a Sharpie to label labels inside your jars. Use a Sharpie to label labels inside jars. 2) The smaller your jar, the easier it is to label.  I would love to know how you label your jars? Share your own tips in the comments below. Also, remember to share your home or office labels here too. I love getting ideas for labels! Like to get new labels in your online store? Click here to find out how. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.


What size are labels for printing?
U.S. Letter At 8.5" x 11", this is the go-to sheet size for standard desktop printers in North America. School papers, business documents, and more are created on U.S. letter sheets. For label printing, it's popular for address and shipping labels, product labels, and more.
What are the dimensions of an Avery label?
Avery® Easy Peel® Address Labels, Sure Feed 122 Technology, Permanent Adhesive, 1" x 2-5/8", 3,000 Labels (5160)
What is the paper size for Avery labels?
Many Avery label sheets (in the USA) come on "standard" 8.5x11 inch paper. Your region may be different, for example, your "standard" paper (commonly used) may be A4. A few label sheets come on smaller "sheet" size. Avery® Mini-Sheets® White File Folder Labels for Laser and Inkjet Printers 2181, 2/3" x 3-7/16", Pac...
What Avery labels are 21 to a page?
Avery Templates for software code L7160 - 63.5 x 38.1 mm - 21 per sheet.
What is the most common label size?
The most popular size of clear labels is 1/2in x 1-3/4in. This size is sold with the product code Avery 5667.
What are Avery sizes?
Label Sizes Chart Container SizeOvalApothecary Jars8 oz.1.5" x 2.5"16 oz.2" x 3-1/3"Metal Tins6 oz.1" x 2"8 oz.1" x 2"8 more rows
What size is label size?
Label sizes GraphicSizeBeer Label4 × 3 inWater Bottle Label (16 oz)8 × 2 inWater Bottle Label (8 or 12 oz)8.25 × 1.75 inAddress Tag2.63 × 1 in2 more rows
What size is Avery A4?
Avery Label Sizes Chart Label SizeAvery LaserQ-Connect1 label per sheet 199.6mm x 289.1mm Size . A4 sheetsL7167-100 L7167-250 L7167-500KF26050 KF022472 labels per sheet 199.6mm x 143.5mm Size . A4 sheetsL7168-100 L7168-250KF260564 labels per sheet 139mm x 99.1mm Size . A4 sheetsL7169-100 L7169-250KF022469 more rows
What are the different sizes of labels?
What is the standard label size? 8.5 × 11 (Letter) 8.5 × 14 (Legal) 11×17 33 (Tabloid) 297 x 210mm (A4) 420 x 297mm (A3)
What size label is A4?
A4 Size Label Sheets (297x210mm) It is similar in size to the Letter size paper except that it's a little skinnier and a little longer (11.7×8.3 33).
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