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How To Change Number In Numbering Machine: What You Should Know

Automatic Numbering Machine Tips Directional wheel is turned up to enable or enable counting of numbers. Automatic Numbering Machine — Set the “Numbering Time” setting by rotating handle (5) half-way up, then turn a quarter back to center position (3). Click on above image to view larger image, then use left arrow keys to move images. DELIVERY: Lions are available 1-month, 12-month & 1-year terms by phone or mail for a flat 75.00 charge. For 1-month term, it is 24.95, for 12-month term it is 39.95 and for 1-year term it is 79.95. Please provide a credit card or PayPal account info to process order. Shipping is by FedEx Express. Lions' First Names Listed Alphabetically The Lion Numbering Machine is designed to count the exact amount of items by marking off a box that is at least 5% the volume of one side of the box (for example, counting the number of 5's in a box of 20s). When the number of boxes at least 100% is placed on the counter in any 1-year, 12-month or 1-month term, the product will be cut in half. This will occur in any number of times as the initial placement of boxes is determined as each term is initiated. The product will remain cut in half until either the initial placement of items on the counter or one hour after the start of the next period.  Click on above images to view larger images, then use left arrow keys to move images. Automatic Numbering Machine Instructions For best results, measure out the correct amount (100%) for the first box you place on the counter and the next box you try to place on the counter. Do not measure out the items to be counted on two boxes until all the previous boxes have been counted. Turn the counter in the counter as directed, and do not adjust anything at all (if you think you could have added more boxes without affecting your counting, turn the counter back in again to count one complete side of each box on the counter). Continue counting as long as desired and when the number of items reaches 2 or more boxes on the counter, you are done. It is recommended to let the machines rest for 15 minutes between each period.

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