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Automatic Page Numbering Machine: What You Should Know

Product Description 2000plus Automatic Numbering Machine, 5-Degrees, 2 Modes Ordering Information Trod at Numbering Machines Trod at a number machine has a variety of benefits, most importantly the cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to document numbering. The number of the machine (model and year) and the number of the stamped sheets are always the same in the same order. Numbering machines provide the customer with an automatic, one step and cost-efficient way of maintaining all the numbered papers in their storage area. Ordering of a number and paper order will allow the product to be delivered ready for use at the place of business in the same time it takes to count the sheets and packages. This simple and convenient product can help the business reduce their paper costs. It is a great solution to the paper consumption problem because the paper is recycled in the end, when the paper is used again. The recycling program of the country where the number is stamped will be the result. The number of the paper will determine the capacity of the machine and the number of the stamps on the paper. Orders can be placed from 9-12 weeks before delivery. Shipping is a flat rate with minimum charges of 16, which are due with the first invoice. The number of stamps on the paper will determine the number of pages. It is not necessary to order a maximum of ten pages at one time, each page is counted at the time of mailing. The page number can be either decimal or fractional. If the page number is to be fractional a small number (“numeration unit”) and a small number (“number of pages”) can be added with no change in the page number. The serial number of the paper is given as a number that is either the letter “S” in the current alphabet or simply “S”. The same number can never be repeated. The paper order will be delivered to the place of business to be picked up or removed in a standard size envelope. Orders will be received by 9-12 weeks from the date of the order.

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