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Apple Pages Skip First Page Number: What You Should Know

Q: My document has an error with numbering or with pages not being numbered, why? Q: I'm running OS X 10.8 or earlier, and Pages doesn't start numbering the pages even though the document has been saved with the page numbering turned on. Q: If I want to use a page number, should I hide it? Q: If I change the default setting for page numbers, but Pages doesn't change their placement or numbering, which are the steps needed to change them back? Q: I have a document open that has a numbering on the first page in the first paragraph. Since the numbering is right next to the word it has already been copied to, is the page numbering shown on subsequent pages? The only thing that could possibly show is the word. Then, just move the paragraph until it hits the word you want to move. And if you don't care about keeping the numbering, you can use the page number indicator to identify the place you are printing to. If you are in a document already, go to File > Pasting. You can insert a copy in the document just on the page where you want the page number. You can also click the button for Insert Copy. Or click Page Number. Then you can change the page number from the menu or using the text boxes with the number you want. If you get this error as you are getting the Page Number for the first page, it is probably because you have  hidden the header in the editor tab, and it is still showing in the main view. To fix this issue, you must go to File > Pages: Menu > Editor, scroll down until you see The Editor:  Make sure that you click on the Advanced section and then Advanced Settings. The only setting you want to change is the first one: In this setting, set the first item to 1. Q: What is the correct and recommended page number spacing between paragraphs? The number of  This number is just a guideline for page numbers, so you would have to see how often you are using your page numbered section and then decide what works best for you.

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