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How To Bates Stamp For Free: What You Should Know

Step 2: Click view” and select the page you want to be processed with Bates. Then, add new page by tapping on add new page” and press enter. Step 3: To upload multiple files, you can either open view” and select the pages you want to process with Bates or tap on add Files”. Step 4: To upload multiple pages to be processed, Tap on add Pages” and tap on any number of pages you want to process each one while pressing enter. Step 5: Now, click process” to stamp the pages. Your document will automatically start to process and print. The page will be scanned on your phone. You can also add Bates Numbering to PDF files using a software, such as Microsoft Office Suite: You might be interested to know that many people can have access to Bates Numbering PDF document online free because of its easy-to-use and cheap cost.

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