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How To Create Labels In Word From Excel: What You Should Know

What to do with a Mail list in Excel? There are many benefits in using an Excel list to send and receive mailing lists. First-class mail — If your company or group of people have a private mailing list, you are sending first-class mail. Your mail will reach the company address before other mail, including non-sensitive mail (see below). In addition, your mail will reach your recipients' homes more often. Mailing lists keep your business communications on a regular basis, and it's simple and easy to send and receive mail using mail merge. Customize your mailings — The company address list can feature a variety of recipients and different addresses. Some of these might be: • Specialists — Individuals from your company, as well as other people connected with the business • People to whom the recipient has a personal relationship • The company's phone book, if you have a business phone • Current or former employees, or their families (if using a mailing list from Google) • Current or former customers, or their families (if using a mailing list from Google) • In addition, if your business has a mailing list set up by a third party, or if you're using the mail merge function on Google's Gmail service, send and receive mail directly from these lists, instead of from an address list in Excel. This is a very powerful feature and saves a great deal of time in managing your mail lists. • Email address filters Your company's address list in Excel can also feature: • Business address list. This type of address list lets you list the company's locations as well as any people who work for your company. • Contact list. This type of address list allows you to list the names of people from your company that you contact. • Social network: You can also include your company's employees or customers' names in a mailing lists from a social media site, such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, or VK. • If you create your company address list in SharePoint, you can set up a list of employees, employees' parents, or parents' employers. This can provide more personalized communication for your employees (and potentially help to reduce theft and misuse of your company's information). To learn more about managing a company address list, see How to Manage a List of Addressable Individuals in a SharePoint Organization.

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