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Cosco Automatic Numbering Machine, 6-digits, 8 Modes, Black Ink (026138): What You Should Know

This is a must for you if you're a Costco member!” . (0  “It came as promised, I'm very impressed with it. Thanks for your help with the price! The only thing I wish was better (as of this moment) is that it came with the parts it came with. (2) “Thanks!” . (0.5) Review by Customer (0.5) Customer Service Rating: 5 (5 stars) Costco Automatic Numbering Machine, 6-Digits, 8 Modes, Black Ink (026138) 1 customer reviews and 0 customer service ratings; 3 customer reviews and 1 customer service rating; Product reviews: “This is my second one. My first one was stolen after I had returned it to Costco. This one is a lot smoother and takes more time but is not as expensive. I like it better, although, I wish it came with the part which makes it easier to change numbers.” ’T, 5 years old “Thanks a bunch for the speedy delivery with the parts and service.” —L, 15 years old “Wow! Just as I have always heard!” —L, 4 years old Overall (0.5) Customer rating (0.5) Customer service rating (0.5) Product review rating (0.5) Rating (0.5) Average rating (0.5) Review rating (0.5) Rating (0.5) Customer ratings (0.5) Customer reviews (0.5) Product reviews (0.5) “Works great. I have to wait about 30 minutes for it to process. I don't use that for long though. It comes with everything but the screws and the cord to connect it to a keyboard.” —J. L., 14 years old Overall (1.5) Customer rating (1.5) Customer service rating (1.5) Product review rating (1.5) Rating (1.5) “The number machine will take my 8-digit number very well. I really like the number line. But there is no way to input the letters and I did not find an option for that on the website.” —G., 19 years old “Very easy to use. It came with all the parts. Very happy with it.” —B. D., 3 years old Review rating (1.5) Customer service rating (1.

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