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Rotate Stamp In Nuance: What You Should Know

A small rectangle appears at the top right; click and hold this rectangle (and then click the arrow at left of the rectangle to rotate the stamp). Added the ability to rotate with touch (tap and swiping) — Microsoft Support Community — 861208 July 9, 2024 — Press Windows+G to open a dialog box that lets you rotate a stamp. Added drag and drop support — Microsoft Support Community — 8612540 Added support for rotation through a circle of radius — Microsoft Support Community — 8626585 Added color picking — Microsoft Support Community — 8635681 August 14, 2024 — Added a new type of stamp, as shown on this link. See also the article Adding color selection features to custom pages. June 22, 2024 — Updated to include a new way to import images into an existing PDF. See also the article Creating an e-book and adding an image. November 10, 2024 — Added support for exporting custom pages (exported files must have a file extension of .docx or .RTF, and must also be named with a “page” or “page-name” attribute. You can edit existing custom pages or create new ones). March 22, 2024 — This feature was added to the Stamps panel, which automatically generates a new page based on a custom stamp. It does not add a new page. Posted by: John C. McKeown (Jimmy.

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