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Kofax PDF Stamps: What You Should Know

The following sections provide a step-by-step process for creating dynamic tags within PDF documents. Step-by-step Creating Dynamic Stamps in Koufax Power PDF Advanced 1. Download and install Power PDF Advanced To access the free Power PDF Advanced installation package, click the following link to download: .PDF files: 1. Download the package. 2. Double-click the package to begin the installation. 3. If you are having issues installing the package, click on the Help tab to access the help file of how to install the package via a command line. 4. Click Next, then Finish, then Restart. After restarting, you will be presented with the following screen. Click on the Add Stamp button. 5. Make your changes on the Custom page. Click on Done. Note: If you do not see a Custom page in the list, please click on the Show New page button. 6. For the final step of stamp creation, click on Add. Stamp. The Add Stamp screen lists all the available stamp templates. By default, the template's name and icon are not displayed. Click the button to display them. 7. To create a dynamic stamp template, browse to the location of your document and select the desired template. Choose a dynamic stamp template in Koufax Power PDF Advanced.

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