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Word Numpages Minus 1: What You Should Know

Total Page Numbers Minus All Pages in the document. I want to change the value to 1. In the document, there are only two pages of text and one page of covers. My field is not  Right Brace ‐ RAMPAGES Is there a better way to do this? I have tried every thing and there is only one way to set all the RAMPAGES to zero. Make a copy and paste into a different document (or just write your own formula). What you need: A total page number, zero RAMPAGE fields in MS Word —  The last item is important.  If you have a document with 1 page of text (the first page of the body of your document), And that is the minimum, add more pages into the text, even the first and the last page. Your  You should always have enough pages to make a total number without more that zero. If you have a document with 2.5 pages of text, go ahead and add a page after the 1. You may have pages with nothing in the front matter. However, you should have enough pages before zero as well before adding a page to the text section.

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